Brexit, EU Parliament approves trade agreement with UK

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(Teleborsa) – 660 Yes, 5 against, 32 abstentions, European Parliament approves post-Brexit trade and cooperation agreement It sets the rules for futures Relations between the European Union and the United Kingdom. And green light With policy solution578 Yes, 51 against, 68 Presents the assessment and expectations of Parliament abstaining from voting. Consent required by the Eurochamber to become permanently effective before the agreement expires on April 30, 2021.

“Commercial agreement – commented Ursula von Der Lane, President of the European Commission; Welcoming the ratification of the agreement by the European Parliament – laying the foundation for a strong and close partnership with the UK. It is essential that the agreement be implemented faithfully. “

Satisfaction was also expressed Charles Michael, President of the Council of Europe. I warmly welcome the results of the European Parliament vote on the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement – underlined. It marks an important step in the relationship between the Union and London and opens a new era. The European Union will continue to work actively with the UK as a key friend and partner. ”

“The post-Brexit trade and cooperation agreement,” he said David Sassoli, President of the European Parliament – It could lay the groundwork for building a new forward-looking relationship between the European Union and the UK. Despite the UK’s decision to leave our Union, we still share deep and long – standing ties, values, history and geographical proximity. Implementing this new relationship is in the interest of all of us. The European Parliament was heavily involved throughout the discussions with the Parliamentary Coordinating Group, which worked with Michael Barnier to ensure that our priorities were included and that our red lines were respected. The final agreement – Sassoli added – reflects the strong protection of EU high social and environmental standards and access to EU companies without tariffs and quotas. Over the past four months, relevant parliamentary committees have scrutinized the agreement in detail and provided adequate democratic scrutiny and parliamentary oversight. Once approved, the European Parliament will closely monitor the agreement to withdraw the new agreement. We will not back down on the commitment from the British Government. “Sassoli also announced its support for the formation of a participatory parliamentary assembly for members of the European Parliament and the United Kingdom.” Parliaments – Sassoli explained – they can often bring a different perspective from governments, and I am convinced that this Assembly will help to foster good relations and promote our common interests.

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The square of the trade and cooperation agreement was discovered by the European Union and the UK negotiators on December 24, 2020. To reduce the barrier, the agreement was temporarily applied from January 1, 2021. Parliament welcomes the conclusion of the Presidents’ EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement on the resolution prepared by the Coordinating Committee for the United Kingdom and the Conference, which limits the adverse effects of the withdrawal from the London Union, and the EU Parliament considers the same as a “historic mistake and not a third mistake” . As a member state.

MEPs are welcomeZero quota and zero tariff trade agreement between the European Union and the UK And Guarantees fair competition rules, It serves as a model for future trade agreements. Parliament agrees with provisions on fisheries, consumers, aviation, energy and data protection. However, MEPs regret that the UK does not want to extend the agreement to foreign, security and development policies and does not want to confirm participation in the Erasmus + student transfer program.

Ensuring peace on the island of Ireland It remains one of the main objectives of Parliament. MEPs have condemned the UK’s recent unilateral actions in violation of the withdrawal agreement. Eurochamber urges UK government to “act in good faith and fully implement the terms of the agreements signed” Protocol in Ireland and Northern Ireland, Apply them in accordance with the schedule established jointly with the European Commission. MIPs stress that parliament should play a key role in overseeing the implementation of the agreement, which could lead to future unilateral EU action under the agreement.

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