Brexit, a year later: What impact will Northern Ireland have?

Brexit, a year later: What impact will Northern Ireland have?

The Brexit That was exactly a year ago. Meanwhile, new rules were introduced for freight transport Northern Ireland And the rest United Kingdom, That is, a border was created within the same country. Goods crossing the Irish Sea need to be checked, sometimes late. Union politicians in Northern Ireland are protesting.

“We do not support this protocol because it is a bad deal, contrary to the Good Friday agreement negotiated in 1998, which represents a perfect balance. At the same time, we know, we understand, the agreement between the UK. European UnionIncludes Northern Ireland, ”he says. Doug Beatty, Leader Ulster Unionist Party.

Influence on trade

Despite these concerns about the protocol, there are many industries that have made great strides since Brexit. Export of Republic of Ireland Northern Ireland has risen 48% in the last 12 months. In the opposite direction, growth was 60%. But just as Brexit has benefited trade between the two Irelands, the fact is that the UK’s exit from the European Union is a heavy blow to many, especially free traders.

Glyn Robert, Says Chairman of the Leading Traders’ Association in Northern Ireland: “The main challenge for our members with UK-based distributors is that there are few problems with timely delivery of goods. This is an ongoing challenge that we want to address.”

We asked customers on the streets of Belfast if Brexit had affected their daily lives. The answer was always the same: nothing has changed.

Brexit brought great benefits to many in Northern Ireland. For others, it may not be. If the day-to-day impact is minimal, the conversation between London and Brussels suggests that the real impact of Brexit may not be known until a year later.

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