Brexit: A freight line from Howrah to Ireland without passing through the United Kingdom box

Brexit: A freight line from Howrah to Ireland without passing through the United Kingdom box

Since November 12, a new cargo line has been connected to the ports of Le Havre (Sean-Maritime) and Rosslare in the south-east of Ireland on a weekly return basis. Without going through the United Kingdom box. The direct consequence of Brexit was that trucks and their cargo made it particularly difficult to cross the country. Since September, there has been an increase of 70% over the first eight months of the year, with cargo being shipped directly between France and Green Erin.

“It’s clear that the logistics network is becoming more complex with new forms, new controls that create costs, and waste of time for carriers,” said Cedric Versiglio, Harrop’s strategic managing director. To Norman Harbor. “This is the end of three years of negotiations with the Irish and French authorities with the support of the Brittany Ferries Company, which operates this link.”

Up to 120 trucks per trip

Every Friday, the “Cottin” departs from the port of Le Havre with a maximum of 120 trucks for about twenty hours’ voyage, and returns on Sunday afternoon. If demand is more important at the moment in the Ireland-France direction, it should be “balanced very quickly” in the opinion of Cedric Virsiglio.

Brittany Ferries, which will provide a connection from Cherbourg (Manche) to Rosslare from 2020, has already indicated that it will evaluate the possible increase in rotations depending on the flow of cargo. Do not shy away from studying the possibility of accommodating passengers and bicycles on his ship, which is temporarily optimized for freight only.

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