Bretton power consumption has no covid effect – economy

Bretton power consumption has no covid effect - economy

As a result of the health crisis, French power consumption declined in 2020. Despite a 4.7% decline in total consumption by large and small enterprises in the region, it is not British. Western RTE Representative Carol Pittaou Agudo sees this as a consequence of the large share of individuals and tertiary activities in Bretton power consumption. And an indicator of the positive recovery of the local economy.

After the correction of the climatic factor, the consumption of Britton in one year was 21.4 TW. 0.4% increase confirming consumption control in the context of population growth. Another part of the Bretton power deal, which began with the commissioning of the line between Lorient and St. Brooke, will be completed in the coming months with the commissioning of the gas power station (29) in Landivicia, securing the network.

The yield of wind turbines is increasing

Despite a few additional megawatts, solar power and wind, the electricity contract’s targets for the development of renewable energy are far from the 3,600 megawatts set by 2020. Renewable energy generation (1,258 MW) grew by 2.4 per cent last year. This is mainly due to the high yield of wind turbines that Brittany has not experienced since 2014. Not due to new installations.

While waiting for the offshore wind farm to be commissioned in the Bay of St. Brooks scheduled for 2023, the power transmission network has no major connections planned for the coming months. “Mobility is modest,” the Western RTE representative confirmed, citing appeals against projects and delays related to the health crisis as major obstacles to the development of renewable energy in the region.

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$ 693 million investment

Despite all this, RTE Bratton will continue to invest in the power grid. 3 693 million works are scheduled to take place in Brittany between 2020 and 2024, with no mutual settlement with Ireland – a project worth one billion euros – set to begin operations in 2023. “The learning process is progressing well,” says Carol Pittaou-Agudo igs.

The $ 250 million program, which has already begun, is earmarked exclusively for connectivity to St. Brook’s Bay Farm: work began last fall on shore, at Erqui (22), and will continue at sea.

In 2020, RTE began renovation work on the $ 40 million line connecting the Rans Tidal power station to the Renault and Avant-Garde. Finally, $ 22 million will be set aside to secure power supplies to Ura Rey (56) and the Quebec Peninsula (56).

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