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BREAKFAST: Steelers want to play in Ireland

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Training Camps: Back to School July 19 to 24

More or less mandatory spring training is over. Now the next step is training camp, the real thing.

The NFL has released the starting dates for all teams. As usual, the freshmen arrive first, a few days before the rest of the squad.

First to resume will be the Ravens rookies on July 13. In terms of full squads, the Bears are the first to train on July 19. All franchises will meet in subsequent days until July 24, when preparations begin for the Steelers, Colts, Cowboys and Falcons.

A match in Ireland soon for the Steelers?

Dan Rooney, director of business development and strategy and a member of the Steelers' owning family, spoke to the BBC on Wednesday about the possibility of a meeting in Ireland.

“It's been a goal from the start to get a chance to play a game in front of our Irish fans. We're working with the NFL and we can't wait to see what happens.

Rooney added that his team is keen to play at Croke Park in Dublin. The Steelers also played a preseason game at the stadium in 1997.

The NFL is still continuing its international expansion, and Ireland has already been mentioned several times with a huge fan base. This season, three regular season matches will be played in England, one in Germany and one in Brazil.

To the salary cap for quarterbacks?

NFL Media reported Wednesday that several owners are privately discussing the possibility of a separate salary cap for quarterbacks.

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This is due to the insane sums of contracts signed by high position players. The goal is to prevent the quarterback's salary from exceeding a certain percentage of salary.

For example, Joe Burrow's salary ($55 million per season, leading quarterback) makes up nearly a quarter of the Bengals' payroll, leaving only 75% for the rest of the players to share.

For the time being, this idea remains only at the discussion stage, and a change in the economic structure in this direction is not expected in the near future.


Key signings of the day: Jalen Redmon (DE, Vikings, ex-UFL), Liam Fornadell (OG, Patriots, ex-UFL), Cole Levo (OL, Jets, ex-UFL), Jacob Sailors (RB, Giants, ex-UFL), Dondrea Tillman ( OLB, Broncos, ex-UFL), Prince Emily (DT, Falcons, ex-UFL).

Main rooms of the day: Denzel Mims (WR, Steelers), Trenton Thompson (S, Steelers), Jack Podlesny (K, Packers)

Travis Kelce loves the Chief Ring Mistake

The Chiefs' ring for their third Super Bowl contains a small error: The Dolphins are seventh in the ring engraving when they were actually sixth.

Travis Kelce (TE, Chiefs) has “nothing to do” and has no plans to modify his ring, his brother Jason teased on his podcast “New Heights” this Wednesday.

“I like that we didn't care about Miami's status. They were seventh. and so ? […] Yes, we did it in great detail, sorry, we made a mistake. It makes it even more special. »

AJ Brown wants to bring the receivers together

AJ Brown (WR, Eagles) wants to have a reunion for the receivers, as the tight end has been playing tight ends for several seasons with the varsity.

''Where are you receivers at?'' Brown said on X this Wednesday. “Tight ends come together on a weekend. The defense lines are in contact. Even pass rushers find themselves. Come on guys, we can't think we're stars and we don't stick together and learn from others. I'm a fan of everyone and I want to work with everyone. »

Tyreek Hill (WR, Dolphins) already seems interested.

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