Brazilians can travel to Ireland for free – BarbacenaMais

Brazilians can travel to Ireland for free - BarbacenaMais

The world’s largest exchange program offers 100 scholarships for Brazilians to study and work in English abroad; This activity is inspired by the 6th round series

Sao Paulo, November 2021 – SEDA College, which offers internship programs, SEDA internships, employability projects and SEDA jobs abroad, is raffling off 100 scholarships for Brazilians to work and study in Ireland. The activity is inspired by the Netflix Round 6 series, but unlike show attendees, Brazilians do not have to borrow to participate in the scholarship draw and realize their dream of making an exchange.
There are a total of 10 full scholarships, five of which are short-term (4 weeks) and five long-term (6 months), which allows the student to even work in the country. The draw will include another 90 people with partial scholarships, which will offer a 35% discount and a free Ryanair voucher so that incoming students can make their first trip to another country in Europe during the exchange period.
To sign up, fill out the SEDA Program Application and wait for the draw on November 19, live on SEDA College YouTube. Full Scholarship winners will have their names announced on social media, but applicants who are not in the top 10 will automatically be eligible for one of the partial scholarships.
It is the only student-funded school that allows students to start their transfer and pay in installments earned in Euros. This project helps those who want to make their dream of studying abroad a reality but do not have the full amount to pay for the course.
More than 30,000 students from around the world attended the school, including names such as Winderson Noons, Louisa Sonsa, Nayara Rattaco, Pathi Dos Reyes, and Zusao. On the SEDA College website, you can check the testimony of some students who have won scholarships offered by the school, including the testimony of students: Eric de Oliveira from Rio de Janeiro; Gabriela Alvarenga, from Minas Gerais; And Lucas Riani from Sao Paulo.
SEDA College Scholarship Program
Applications: Until November 17, 2021
Prize: November 19, 2021, at SEDA College YouTube

With more than 10 years of experience in the field of exchange and teaching in Ireland, SEDA College has been selected as the Best Language School in Ireland for three consecutive years. Since 2018, the institution has maintained SEDA College Online, a platform with more than 300,000 students, with classes conducted online only with the support of specialized professors.

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