Brazilian scientists have discovered the hormone that causes obesity and diabetes

Brazilian scientists have discovered the hormone that causes obesity and diabetes

What causes obesity and diabetes in the human body? Brazilian scientists at Unicamp (State University of Campinas) discovered that leptin acted on a type of immune cell and contributed to the development of metabolic disorders.

Produced in adipose tissue, it is known as the satiety hormone. “Through these experiments, we showed how leptin acts on immune cells in adipose tissue, where it is produced. In obese people, there is usually an excess of this hormone and as a result an inflammatory process,” said Professor Pedro Vieira from Unicamp.

The discovery paves the way for developing treatments to help people with obesity and diabetes.


To determine the role of immune cells in interacting with leptin, the researchers conducted two experiments In vitroCells like animals use (in vivo)

In this first moment, the tests were aimed at understanding how this substance works in our body and how much it can recover the body.

In the first step, they studied macrophages, a type of immune cell in the body. These cells were isolated from mice that had no hormone receptors anywhere in their bodies.

In the second part of the study, the researchers evaluated mice that lacked the leptin receptor only on the myeloid cells involved in the inflammatory process caused by obesity.

“This avoids the effects of leptin on cells in the central nervous system, such as neurons, because this hormone also acts on the brain to signal when it’s time to stop eating,” the professor said.

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Treatments for the future

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For researchers, the way to treat obesity and diabetes with the satiety hormone is to find normal levels of leptin without inflammation.

With this control, the substance can repair the inflamed tissues and consequently, resolve the comorbidity.

Although they still need some study, researchers have learned that leptin is important in tissue repair, in addition to inflammation.

Brazilian scientists have discovered that leptin acts on a type of immune cell and contributes to the development of obesity and diabetes- Photo: Pixabay

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