Brazil has no date to receive the vaccine from the global alliance – 03/08/2021

Brazil has no date to receive the vaccine from the global alliance - 03/08/2021

Brazil still does not have a confirmed date for adopting the Kovac vaccine doses, a world alliance created by the World Health Organization to ensure dose delivery to developing countries.

In a letter to the government, the consortium said the country would receive 2.99 million doses in March and 6.1 million doses in April and May. All of these come from AstraZeneca. The column also found that Brazil is on the list of the top nine countries on the American continent that receive the vaccine.

But exports are waiting for a definition to make them happen and set a date. Purchase orders have already been placed, and according to sources at Kovacs, deliveries could take place “over the next few days”. The difficulty of logistic planning can be a problem on the part of a company unfamiliar with global vaccination. However, other discussions are more cautious, pointing out that there is still no way at this time to know when doses will arrive in the country due to bureaucratic processes.

On the Brazilian side, the government guarantees that all requirements are met. “The Ministry of Health informs us that the Kovacs Facility Consortium has completed all the requirements for the purchase of vaccines against Kovix-19,” said Folder, led by Eduardo Pasuvelo. It should be emphasized that the portfolio has not yet reported on the lack of WHO / PAHO documentation.

“The first exports will go to Brazil through the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) Rotating Fund, which is compatible with the South Korean-made Astraseneka / Oxford immunizer. Says.

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The service will be available in 50 countries by the end of the week

In the first ten days of the distribution system, 19 countries around the world received about 12 million doses. Ten other countries received it over the weekend, and according to the World Health Organization’s Director-General Tedros Gebrias, a total of 50 countries will receive doses by the end of the week.

Covax spokespersons questioned the column, saying, “In order to deliver the doses to the participants through this first round allotment, there must be several crucial parts.”

According to the mechanism, it includes “confirmation of national regulatory approval criteria for vaccines distributed, compensation agreements (for all participants with related manufacturers), national vaccination plans for participants, and other logistics components such as exports and imports”.

“We are in close contact with each of the economies participating in Kovacs in relation to the launch of vaccines. As each economy finalizes the readiness preparations, Kovacs issues purchase orders and dispenses to manufacturers,” he explained. “This means that, as of last week, deliveries for this first round of delivery are made daily, on a rolling basis and in installments,” they point out.

“The first phase allocation has been notified to the concerned governments working with Kovacs partners and vaccine manufacturers on specific delivery dates,” the system added.

Late membership and minimum fee

Although the system was launched in April 2020, last week the government only passed a bill confirming that Brazil had complied with the system.

When the initiative was announced almost a year ago, the Brazilian government was not part of the event in Geneva. The Ministry of Health at the time explained that it had “other partnerships” in mind, without explaining what they were.

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Weeks later, the government decided to join the system. But after months of debate, he noted that compliance would occur on a smaller scale.

Under the Kovacs agreement, countries are required to regulate immunity equivalent to at least 10% of their population. The value can be up to 40%. But Brazil chose to buy only 10%, about 42 million doses.

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