Bragen Comprehensive School: Film Premiere at Krefeld Cinema

Bragen Comprehensive School: Film Premiere at Krefeld Cinema

Even if the performance in the film had to be done without a party: the students and teachers enjoyed this special evening at the cinema. Many people saw the whole picture for the first time.

The film team from Bragan Comprehensive School celebrated like stars on the red carpet. Her film “Glanerag” was screened at Krefeld Cinemax.

The strip is located in the valley of the same name, just southwest of County Kerry in Ireland. It tells a story about the magic of love and friendship. Sick Amelia invites her best friends Luna and David to spend their last days with them. Just before arriving, Ian changes Amelia’s life completely.

The 101-minute film was convincing with its moving plot. 110 spectators applauded, cheered and whistled the youngsters. “I’ve seen the film 60 times, but I still have tears in my eyes,” production manager Holger Week produces with students. “Young people can act very emotionally without prior knowledge, but only with the carelessness of youth. It attracts me a lot, ”says the proud teacher. For some young people who have worked in film, this is the first time they have been able to see the entire film. “I could not believe what I saw on the screen. I’m still amazed that the film turned out so well, ”says Tillman Weber, who played David. His co-star Frederick Statsner is also pleased with Ian’s role: “I still can not believe we’ve been part of such a big project and journey.” The production team spent three weeks in Ireland, shooting in real locations. This 2019 shoot was an extraordinary experience for everyone. “What I really like is the diverse emotional world of my role and how I feel about it,” says Linda Went. Sometimes this too was a huge emotional burden. Because her role requires some emotion from her: Amelia falls in love with Ian and ends up in the hands of a woman who seeks him out and wants to cast the devil out of her. She can escape, but her heart is broken, the illness is so severe, she wants to take her own life. She is rescued just before she jumps off the cliff.

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“Getting kids out of their roles and talking to them about it has broken the balance of teachers and students and made it easier and more creative,” explains director Zina Hausman. During the filming, it was a challenge for everyone to live together for almost three weeks with strangers in a secluded area of ​​Ireland. “During this time we grew a lot and the friendships we first acted in became real friends,” says Anja Netushil (Luna). Despite the tears of joy, there were tears of despair because the Premier Party had to be canceled. “We’re saddened that we can’t celebrate together because of the epidemic,” Holgerweek says. A consolation: The Bragen Municipality wants to show a comprehensive school film at the next festival. “Then we’ll pop the corks without masks,” Week says. The search for ideas for the next film has already begun. Maybe its a sequel?

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