Boxing will be back in the ring on September 11 with David Hay

Boxing will be back in the ring on September 11 with David Hay

It’s hard to believe what’s currently going on in boxing. Recently there has been a real flood of exhibition fights with more or less prominent participants in the absence of actual leading matches. Whether it’s Tyson against Jones Jr., Mayweather against one YouTuber, or Riddick Bowe against another in October: all of this can be sold as changed entertainment.

David Hay, 40, is the next candidate to return to the ring. He plans to fight his friend Joe Fornier in an eight-round match at the Trill event on September 11 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. At the same time Oscar de la Hoya wants to get back in the ring, with two MMA fighters trying their luck in classic boxing with Silva vs. Ortiz.

David Haye said on Facebook: “This is not about a comeback, it’s about showing Joe Fornier that there are different levels in boxing. You have to stay in your path or risk spreading. Joe ‘The Billionaire’ must learn that some things in Fornier’s life cannot be bought. Champions are born, not bought. “

What a comprehensive “madness” challenge. One can not expect much of a recognized view like the one between David Hay and Audley Harrison. Fornier has already reported here on He is a boxer who buys an opponent off his feet and believes he is a successful boxer. It is alleged that Hey now wants to show him what a true champion is. It should only be mentioned in the passing that the two have known each other for years and that Fornier first got the idea to learn boxing through his nightclub guest Haye.

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Hey is currently in great shape. His injuries no longer seem to be an issue. He trains for at least an hour 5 days a week, has a good diet, but tells himself he is not averse to a glass of rum. At the very least, he looks healthy, with a consistent 96kg weight. You may not be sure how he got his body, but his opponent, Fornier, also seems to be healthy. He failed a doping test in Belgium in June 2005 and was later banned until December 2020. He has been fighting ever since. He made his debut in April 2021, which is definitely not a big achievement.

You certainly do not have to be excited about this “fight.” The whole event seems to be almost a single show event. Only one fight can be expected about real boxing. Little-known Andy Vance (USA) and Jono Corol (Ireland) fight for WBC-International in the Super Featherweight Division.

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