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Boxing – Tony Yoko’s next fight made official

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English Boxing – Lightweights – To start the year, boxing fans will be treated to a great poster this weekend. American young boxer Ryan Garcia faces Britain’s Luke Campbell. This is the expected fight between the two top 10 lightest boxers.

To digest a New Year’s party, what could be better than a beautiful boxing match? Lightweights are one of the toughest categories in the world. When two top 10 boxers compete with each other, there is a good chance it will happen. On the one hand, a very promising young American looking for a benchmark fight. On the other hand, the experienced UK, which has already faced big names. The struggle between Ryan Garcia And Luke Campbell Saturday night at 11 p.m.American Airlines Center Of Dallas. WBC is in the belt line of the interim world champion.

Passion against experience

At the age of 22, Ryan Garcia Talk about him already. It weighs less than 1m78 and has a wing equal to its height. He has not lost in twenty battles for twenty victories. Even more impressive is his amazing way of winning his battles. The young American has already spotted seventeen victims in the ring. His punches are very fast and his punch is excessive. Garcia He is one of the best boxers in its category. The only thing he doesn’t have, right now, is that he hasn’t played a benchmark match. Among the top 30 lightweight items, the young prodigy has yet to box a fighter. A course he was trying to pass on Saturday night.

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Luke Campbell Is older and more experienced than the competitor. At 33, the British Already encountered big names. In 2017, they faced Venezuela George Linares (47v, 29 KO, 5d), for WBC lightweight title. at this point Venezuelan It is the lightest and succeeds in deciding the division of judges. Even better, in 2019, Campbell In the way of the Ukrainian, who was arguably the best lightweight boxer at the time Vasil Lomachenko (14 v, 10 KO, 2 d). In British Subject to the unanimous decision of the judges. Let us mention two of his struggles against the French Javan Mendy (46v, 22 KO, 5d, 1 draw). The first, in 2015, led to a success French, Before British Revenge in 2018.

The two best boxers in their category

Campbell Measures 1 m75 with 1.80 m wings. So he has a great balance and he is also very fast. He’s a fake puppet, which means he’s left-handed, which means he can destabilize opponents. The British It is highly regarded by the standards of boxing. For the site Bokrek, Luke Campbell He is the eighth lightest boxer on the planet. Ring Magazine It ranks even better because it ranks fifth. Transnational Boxing Rankings All three are in fourth place behind Lopez-Lomachenko-Harm. The British Twenty professional battles with seventeen wins, including sixteen before the limit, and three defeats. Moreover, in amateur boxing, Campbell In 2012, he won the Olympic title.

Ryan GarciaPart of it is also very well considered. In various rankings, it ranks in the top ten. Bokrek Ninth Class Ring And Transnational Boxing Rankings Put in the sixth position. So the two boxers are very close in this ranking and they have little gain Campbell.

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Garcia understood everything in the codes of his time

There is no doubt that the police are the ones who generate the most money for this struggle Ryan Garcia. In fact, if he’s a terrible puncher in the American belt, he’s also a sacred communicator on the outside. Ryan Garcia, He is only 22 years old and has no fight against the clock and is one of the most famous boxers in the world. 7.8 millionNumber of subscribers in his account Instagram. To compare, Theofimo Lopez (16v, 12 KOs), the best lightweight boxer with over half a million subscribers. Canello Alvarez in Saul (54 v, 36KO, 1 d, 2 n), currently the best boxer in all categories for many specialists, with less than 400,000 subscribers Garcia. Through his accounts Instagram And Twitter, His chain Youtube, Ryan Garcia Developing its brand. He appears with celebrities on social networks as brothers Jake And Logan Paul. Ryan Garcia Everything was understood in accordance with its time codes.

Signed with young American and promoter Golden Boy Promotions. Oscar de la Hoya, A former legend who heads this company of promoters, praises his young guardian. In an interview with a British newspaper Patron, Sees the former champion Garcia Emerging star of English boxing. ” I believe he is destined to become the most popular boxer in the world. The 22-year-old already has 7.5 million followers on Instagram, so I imagine he will have 30 or 40 million followers when he’s 30 like Canelo .

Saturday, Ryan Garcia He will play the most complex fight of his young career. If he beats Luke Campbell, He can quickly become the world champion. The British, Meanwhile, is looking for a new opportunity to box for a world title.

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