Boxer Katie Taylor says Connor McGregor is “not being celebrated enough” in Ireland

Boxer Katie Taylor says Connor McGregor is "not being celebrated enough" in Ireland

Katie Taylor, one of Ireland’s greatest boxers, believes Conor McGregor does not have the respect he deserves in his country.

Olympic gold medalist and undefeated boxing champion Katie Taylor of Ireland discusses not recognizing Conor McGregor in her country (via MMA They).

“After Dustin Pourier’s fight, I texted him and promised him a few words of real encouragement. He’s always been a great support to me, but I think he’s a real outsider in the sport. He’s like Muhammad Ali to me in UFC. He is a great athlete. He is also a big businessman. But what he did at Sports and UFC was absolutely amazing, and I don’t think he was celebrated enough to be in Ireland. I think he was an absolute world superstar and an extraordinary athlete, and he was always the perfect gentleman to me. “

“I know he trained a lot at the Crumlin Boxing Club, where I regularly trained as an amateur boxer. I used to go there regularly for spring sessions, so obviously it’s a relationship for us ”.

“I think he has some controversial moments that people don’t like outside the box,” Taylor said.

“But I see him as an extraordinary athlete, someone I think has surpassed Sport‌s, someone who has become bigger than Sport‌s. Every time he fights it is a big event. He still gets the highest pay-per-view numbers and is the highest paid athlete in the UFC. I consider him an extraordinary athlete and I can not wait to see him return. “

Connor McGregor is now recovering from a broken shinbone in his trilogy fight against Dustin Poir. Head coach John Cavani said he would return to training in the 2022 spring.

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