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All agreement states of the Aarhus Convention must support the Rapid Response Mechanism, which is funded by Austria and Ireland for the protection of environmental activists.

Vienna (OTS) – People in Europe are being persecuted more and more because they are exercising their rights in environmental measures. Even in Austria, controversial issues often lead to border situations. മന്ത്രിKOBÜRO – The Alliance for the Environmental Movement also welcomes the fact that the European Environmental Law Network, Justice and the Environment (J&E), promotes the Rapid Response Mechanism of the Environment Minister Leonor Gewesler Aarhus Convention. At the same time, the two environmental associations are urging other treaty states of the Aarhus Convention to support the current funding system between Austria and Ireland to protect them from the political persecution of environmental activists.

OKOBÜRO Managing Director Thomas Alge: “This new system of Aarhus Convention can activate people who are under pressure because they advocate for environmental protection and fair legal procedures. It provides excellent protection against the state and political dictatorship.

Special representatives of the Rapid Response Mechanism are able to act quickly in such cases. So far, the Aarhus Convention Compliance Committee has had only one option to review – a lengthy process not designed to alleviate immediate stress.

Summer Kane, an Aarhus expert on environmental law, J&E:
“We know of many incidents where attempts have been made to silence the voices for the environment. For example, when our Croatian member organization Selena Aksija took legal action against a golf department for environmental damage. That is why it is so important to take immediate action to support them. This is more than protection from punishment, persecution and persecution: without protection, all rights granted to the public by the Ahroos Convention are at stake.

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The UNECE Aarhus Convention, which came into force in 2003, allows the public to participate in accreditation procedures and access to environmental justice, among other things. In addition, the 47 treaty states guarantee that those who exercise these rights will not be punished, tortured or harassed as a result. With the new Rapid Response Mechanism funded by Austria, Ireland and its Special Representative, this is the first time a device has been able to respond quickly to such situations.

KOBÜRO is a community of environmental movement. This includes 19 Austrian environmental, nature and animal rights organizations such as Birdilfe, GLOBAL 2000, Naturschutzbund, VCÖ – Mobility with a Future, FOUR PAWS or WWF. ÖKOBÜRO works at the political and legal level for the interests of the environmental movement.

Justice and the Environment (J&E) is a European environmental law network of 14 member organizations from 13 countries. J&E advocates for good environmental rights and for people working for the environment at the European and international levels.

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