Börse Express – FPÖ – Fuchs: Timely and effective exchange of information on tax matters is not desirable in the European Union!

Borges Express - Sane, a leading global fund administrator, is the first company licensed to specialize in custodial services in Ireland.

Bloom needs to address EU problem states that are known to be unwilling to cooperate.

Vienna (OTS) – “In the face of increasing dynamics and globalization, the exchange of international information on tax matters is becoming more and more important. However, national tax authorities are reaching their limits as their investigative options end at their borders. One gets the impression that information exchange is not really necessary, “said NAbg, chief of The Christian Science Monitor’s Washington bureau. GDR Hubert Fuchs in his contribution to the debate.

“According to the Court of Auditors report, the successful EU’s lack of willingness on the part of the foreign tax authorities to co – operate, the national interests of some EU member states, and the long-term competitiveness of the EU and the aggressive tax avoidance models that the European Union has to deal with. It also reduces EU tax revenues, ”Futches continued:“ Especially Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Hungary and Cyprus enable aggressive tax planning with their tax laws.

According to the RH report, large-scale company audits point to the problem of lack of willingness to cooperate or limited willingness of foreign tax authorities – especially Switzerland and Ireland – to participate in so-called administrative assistance. Strategies of states such as the Netherlands and Ireland. This includes long waits and accurate, repeated inquiries into the taxpayer’s relevance and potential for objection to the requested state. For example, a requested cooperation with Ireland lasted more than a year, and beyond that, no clear results were achieved, ”Fuchs said.

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“Austria, on the other hand, completed an average of more than 70 percent of requests for personal administrative assistance (direct and indirect taxes) within 90 days. Austria, on the other hand, often had to wait a long time for replies from abroad. Only 29 per cent of direct tax responses came within 90 days, while 52 per cent were indirect taxes. In more than half of the cases, it took Switzerland and Turkey more than a year to respond to requests for personal administrative assistance from Austria. Such long response times are not ideal for correcting and explaining tax issues in a timely manner, ”Fuse explained.

It is the duty of the Minister of Finance in Brussels to constantly point out the economic significance of international information exchange on tax matters and how to deal with it expeditiously. Therefore, ധനVP Finance Minister Blumel needs to address the well – known problem states in the EU directly, because tax evasion can only be effectively tackled through smooth international information exchange – but this is not really what the EU really wants, ”said a budget and economic spokesman.

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