Bors Express – Winsig / Mandal: “Ensure good cooperation after Brexit”

Borges Express - Sane, a leading global fund administrator, is the first company licensed to specialize in custodial services in Ireland.

Post-Brexit Agreement Confirmed – Small: Responsibility for Good Trade Relations – Mandal: Strict Accounting, Good Friendship – Wants to work with Sheeder

Brussels (OTS) – “It is unfortunate that Great Britain has left the European Union, but we need to look to the future and ensure good neighborly cooperation in the future. We, as the European Parliament and the European Union, are ready for this. All participation is unpopular. We need to demonstrate serious and honest policies in the future, and we need to be able to rely on signed agreements – this is especially true at the moment to keep the peace in Ireland, and to open the borders between Ireland and Northern Ireland, “he said. British Brexit Minister Frost to resolve dispute over customs restrictions in Northern Ireland.

“We have carefully reviewed the agreement. It is our responsibility as MEPs to establish good trade relations for further economic growth and employment on both sides of the English Channel – especially in the current crisis. We are fulfilling this responsibility by acknowledging the agreement,” Vince said. Once properly implemented, the terms of the export, import and tariffs will be more strictly enforced than the current provisional application. “

Mandel adds: “An old proverb says, ‘Strict bill, good friendship.’ We have worked with the British on a strict bill for many years. We must not ignore the importance of friendship and partnership with the United Kingdom. Foreign policy and a security spokesman in the European Parliament say: “Of course, we expect from our British friends that the Good Friday Agreement will not undermine the peace of the Irish Islands in any way.

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“I am just happy to be in Austria for the post – Brexit agreement, which is being discussed in the European Parliament. I would like to work with our colleague Andreas Schieder on this issue, ā€¯Mandel said. (Enough)

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