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Boris Johnson’s plan scrapped: Bridge between Scotland and Northern Ireland too expensive – Politics Abroad

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During the pre-Brexit election campaign, Boris Johnson talked about building a bridge between Scotland and Ireland. But there are no plans.

An expert panel appointed by the British Prime Minister has declared the idea of ​​a giant bridge across the Irish Sea too expensive. “At this point, there will be no bigger gains than the cost of the public purse,” the report said on Friday. Experts suggest that the mega project should not continue.

After last year’s election victory, Johnson conducted a feasibility study for a bridge and tunnel.

It is even theoretically possible to establish links between parts of the country “using the most advanced technologies of the 21st century in the field of civil engineering”, the authors of the report wrote. It is also the longest bridge ever built. The structure, with its seven main pillars, stretched for more than 30 miles[30 km].

പാല കാരണം The bridge will cost 5 335 billion (5 395 billion) due to construction difficulties in the deep and windy strait.

It is estimated that the construction of a tunnel, which would have been suitable for rail transport only for safety reasons, would have cost 209 billion (7 247 billion). Also: It would have taken “approximately 30 years” from project planning to commissioning.

After presenting the report that the project was canceled, Transport Secretary Grant Shops told the BBC: “The tunnel or the permanent link will not become a reality.”

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