Boris Johnson’s harsh internal report on “Partigate”

Boris Johnson's harsh internal report on "Partigate"

The British often use the term “roller coaster” – roller coaster – to describe their emotional state or unexpected sequence of events. This Monday, January 31st, was Boris Johnson’s real “roller coaster.” In the morning, the Prime Minister seemed to have no significant business: he was promising new legislation after Brexit to escape the legacy of community legislation, from Essex visiting the shipyard. A telephone interview with Vladimir Putin was scheduled for later in the day, and a trip to Ukraine was planned for the following days.

The long-awaited domestic report by senior civil service Sue Gray about multiple parties taking place on Downing Street during the lockdown was certainly imminent, but the Greater London Police (MET) called for its removal on January 28 after unexpected intervention. Its conclusions of all possible details Risk your own inquiries, The leader almost seemed to have overcome the danger. Who among the Conservative MPs (holding their fate in their hands) dared to resign on the strength of a mismatched report?

But by noon the wind had suddenly changed. Despite the restrictions imposed by Scotland Yard, Sue Gray came to far more serious conclusions than expected. Contrary to the Prime Minister’s repeated denials, there have been “Meetings” In Downing Street and Ministries (mMe Gray omits this term “Parties”, Left to the discretion of the police). Sixteen people were detained there from May 2020 to April 2021, twelve of whom are under police investigation, revealing the number two of the Cabinet Office (the government that works for the government) known for its honesty and courage. The Met is investigating a meeting that took place on November 13, 2020 in the office apartment of Boris Johnson and his wife, Carrie Johnson.

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“Serious deficiencies”

Some of these events “Represents serious violations of the standards set by those at the heart of government, but also the standards that all British people were expected to adhere to at the time.” Says Sue Gray. “There have been errors in leadership and judgment in various places in Downing Street and in the Cabinet Office.” Add MMe Gray condemning Aye “Alcohol abuse” It is demanded that these deficiencies be rectified in the corridors of the British Executive “Immediately without waiting for the police investigation to end”.

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