Boris Johnson travels to crisis-stricken Northern Ireland –

Boris Johnson travels to crisis-stricken Northern Ireland -

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is leaving for Northern Ireland on Monday to urge various political parties to change the blockade of local institutions. They are stuck in the midst of growing tensions between Belfast, London and Brussels over post-Brexit arrangements in this British province.

Ten days after the historic victory of the Republican of Sinn Fin in the local elections, institutions in Northern Ireland are in a state of stagnation. Union activists in the DUP refused to attend the executive. However, it must be shared under the 1998 peace agreement, which ended three decades of conflict.

Unionists affiliated with Great Britain intend to protest against the provisions of the Northern Irish Protocol. The agreement, signed between London and Brussels, should answer the delicate question of the border between British Northern Ireland and the European Republic of Ireland after Brexit. According to the DUP, these conditions threaten the province’s position within the United Kingdom.

According to a statement from Downing Street on Sunday, the British Prime Minister will send a “clear message” to Belfast to the various political formations in the province that “any change in protocol should result in a meeting of all parties, an executive and a local assembly.”

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Sinn Fin Vice President Michelle O’Neill, who is likely to become the province’s new premier, has accused Boris Tory party DUP of ‘taking the community hostage to the harsh Brexit they brought with them’ from Johnson. Sinn F പ്രസിഡന്റ്in President Mary Lou MacDonald has accused the Conservative government in London of being “in alliance” with the DPU and using Northern Ireland as a “pawn” in negotiations with Brussels to block the executive and the assembly.

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London wants to renegotiate the protocol with the European Union

The British government wants to renegotiate the protocol with the European Union, citing political tensions and trade barriers in the province. It’s just that the settings are ready.

London threatened on Thursday that it would act unilaterally to circumvent the deal, perhaps even this week, as the EU’s unacceptable stance could lead to severe trade retaliation.

Northern Irish firms have suffered a three-year paralysis before being allowed to return in January 2020 in the wake of the financial scandal.

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