Boris Johnson sends troops to England after finishing fuel

In the opinion of some observers, the project Brexit He was born to catch UK, Has been battling strong centrifugal impulses for years. Also, a great ‘England’ to resumeEurope Looking for new international leadership. But it’s been more than a year and a half since its release London dall ‘European Union The great dreams of the former imperialist power were shattered in ordinary petrol cans.

There is a shortage of truckers in England

He was the first Boris Johnson In fact it evaluates the theory Allow the military to intervene To deliver Fuel All rights reserved Service stations On the highways of England. All this after a weekend Panic Supplies, Citizens queuing in front of pumps for fear of running out of water. Not enough in the country HalliersTo a cruel simple fact: most of them are Slavs. That means after that Brexit, They returned to their countries without returning. The situation is so paradoxical that the government had to change its post-Brexit immigration policy. He agreed last Saturday 10,500 temporary work visas In a hurry.

Food and breeders

At the same time, it led to an increase in demand Petrol Retailers Association (PRA) to warn it 5,500 service stations Free from a total of 8 thousand Without fuel. But fatigue in the supply of goods also affected Shelves of agro-food products. The Crisis In Supermarkets England erupted in July itself. At present, ten thousand three-month permits from October to December are required to fill the shortage of foreign workers. We are talking about the non-secondary sectors of the British economy: in addition to fuel supply, Poultry farmingE.g. In the meantime, explain online BBC, The government is preparing to suspend the competition law. The goal is to be able to refuel service stations that have run out of fuel, giving priority to the worst-affected areas of the country.

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