Boris Johnson, German Chancellor Olaf Scholes weaken to save Northern Ireland

Boris Johnson, German Chancellor Olaf Scholes weaken to save Northern Ireland

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As every evening, at 11 o’clock there is a tour of the news broadcast by European television channels. Monday, May 16 is Eurosapping.

In Northern Ireland, the Unionists blocked the formation of the Northern Government after the historic defeat of the separatists in Sinn Fin.Irish. They also demand the termination of the sea border with MahanBritain was formed under the Brexit agreement. Boris Johnson said he was ready Restore tensions with the European Union It is trying to resolve the political crisis in Northern Ireland.

In Germany, HeChancellor Olaf Scholes is excited about a local election. Congratulations to the CDU on its victory, with the right-wing party topping the list in North Rhine-Westphalia.EState The most populous country in the world. The SPD, the chancellor’s party, suffered a historic defeat there. The other big winners are the Greens. They will have tripled their score and it will be essential to form a right-wing alliance.

In Switzerland, there is widespread support for Frontex. Shocked by the backlash from immigrants, NGOs wanted Switzerland to distance itself from the European border police, the Frontex. But more than 2/3 of the Swiss voted to increase the organization’s financial contribution. They want to contact the European Union to deal with the increasingly volatile international situation.

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