Boris, capitals, talhotas, nourags or chibots … this is an architecture of the economy.

Bories, capitelles, talalhots, nuraghes ou chibottes… C’est une architecture d’économie

This is another exciting sight that opens the eyes of the visitors when the last rays of the sun disappear.

At the initiative of the Crozier Museum, the country of art and history, visitors had the opportunity to discover these strange creations in the light of lamps, thanks to guide lecturer Gerard Masoir.

After introducing the town where the route is located and then the Dolyson Valley, the visit to the first chibot began to explain its origin, but also to quote Bowden-Lashermes, the writer and historian of Vele who studied these houses. “

Present around the world

These types of dry stone structures, although the name varies from country to country and region, exist all over the world: they are called “Boris” in Provence, “Capitals” in Guard, and “Talalhots”. Balearic Islands. Or the “Nurags” of Sardinia, we find it in Scotland, Ireland, North Africa or Turkey.

As the guide points out, man has always built shelters, and this inherent architecture of dry stone reveals his genius for promising the nature around him, while preserving the means and forms of meeting the basic needs of life.

Valley formation and site excavation

After crossing the “small”, a common overgrown word referring to the cliffs on a scree slope, visitors could see the phenomenon that led to the formation of the Dolison Valley from the panorama and the excavation of the site before thinking of the beautiful Chibot. Also known as “Odil’s Chibot”.

It was a matter of finding out the general characteristics of chibots, their functions and materials, their origin, terraces, vine activity or existing fauna.

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