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“Borat” won the US Writers Guild Screenplay Award

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Actor Sacha Baron Cohen has won several awards for his role as Boram.

Matt Sales / Sales / AP / DPA

03/22/2021 3:20 am

The film “Borat” has already won the Golden Globe. Now he has also won a major script award. Are there signs of Oscar success?

A thriller full of black humor and political satire about America under Donald Trump has won awards for this year’s best scripts in America.

Screenwriter and director Emerald Fennel won the Writers’ Guild Award for Best Original Screenplay. The team of nine behind the story and screenplay for “Borat Uncle Movie” won the award for Best Adapted Screenplay. Both films will be nominated for an Oscar on April 25 in the same category.

The Writers’ Guild has different criteria for films that are more deserving than the Oscar Academy. Therefore, the Oscar favorites “Nomadland”, “Father” and “Minari” could not be nominated.

In the series, the chess play “The Queen’s Gambit” won the award for Best Adapted Long Format and the women’s rights series “Mrs.” USA “Selected as Best Original Long Format. The latest blockbuster product from Ted Lasso is Ted Lasso.

The WGA Awards have mixed results in predicting the world’s most important film award. In recent years, scripts other than the Oscars have often received awards. In 2020, the same films won two awards, “Parasit” and “JoJo Rabbit”. However, in 2019, “Eighth Grade” and “Can You Ever Forgive Me” won WGA Awards, while “Black Clarenceman” and “The Green Book – A Special Friendship” won Oscars.

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