Bono’s son with the inhaler is number one on the UK charts

Bono's son with the inhaler is number one on the UK charts

LONDON / DUBLIN (DPA) – The son of I2 rock band Inhaler and singer Elijah Hussain, the son of U2 Friendman Bono, has topped the British charts with his debut album “It Won’t Always Like This”.

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It becomes the first Irish artist to achieve number one in the UK in 13 years. The script band last succeeded in doing so in 2008. This quartet has been ranked number one in their country, as announced by the Quart official chart company.

“We can’t believe our album reached number one,” the band said. “Where we are today from our beginnings in small clubs in the UK. When we made this album, we never thought it would be possible for the four of us.”

Singer “Eli” Heusen, 21, told the PA news agency that one of the reasons for its success was that the inhaler found a fan base that had never heard of U2. But he admitted that his origins had opened a lot of doors for him. However, the band always had to prove themselves.

“I’m not blaming people who are interested. I’m interested when I hear that there is someone like me.” The band has now matched this. “That’s it. I don’t think there’s more distraction. If people want to talk about it, let them talk about it.”

Ed Sheeran topped the UK singles chart with her new song “Bad Habits”.

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