Bolivar, Polycarp, and other historians thank Deep Nostalgia

Bolivar, Polycarp, and other historians thank Deep Nostalgia

My Heritage Page, which specializes in video reproduction, has created an app that lets you animate photos in seconds. See Simon Bolivar, reviving the brilliant Caldas and Polycarp.

“Deep nostalgia” or deep nostalgia Attracted thousands of people. Launched by My Heritage, a company that specializes in video reconstruction, it can bring images of characters from the past to life in a matter of seconds. At least 26 million photos have been uploaded to this page to see the original characters being converted into a short gesture video.

For example, even if it is just one of the old oil portraits hanging in a museum, Simon Bolivar can blink and move his face as if recording with a modern camera.

Or Polacarpa Salavarieta, also known as La Paula, the heroine who spied for the Creole Liberation Army during the Spanish recapture lives before our eyes. It usually takes 10 to 20 seconds to animate a face in a photo.

The technology behind Deep Nostalgia uses model videos as the basis for animating photos. “Each model video contains a specific range of movements and gestures. A model video Deep Nostalgia can be applied very accurately to a face that appears in your photo ”, the creators explain on their website.

As these types of digital devices become more sophisticated and realistic, they are used for inappropriate purposes and to increase the risk of misinformation. Last year a company was condemned for using similar technology to create nudity of people, mainly women, from a simple photograph.

Perhaps the clearest warning from the creators of Deep Nostalgia: “This feature is intended for nostalgic use, that is, to animate beloved ancestors. Our model videos do not include abuse prevention talk, such as creating ultra-fake live people videos. Use this feature in your own history photos, not photos of people living without their permission.

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Sam Gregory, program director and artificial intelligence expert at Witness, a non – profit organization focused on the ethical use of video, recently told the New York Times: “Deep nostalgia itself is harmless, but it’s part of it. Very threatening tools ”.

Since each photo has several possible gesture sequences, the program automatically selects the order in which it should be applied to a specific face based on its orientation. “The gestures in the model videos used to create the animation sequences are genuine human gestures, and most of the actors in these videos are My Heritage employees,” the company explains.

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