Boeing’s Starliner capsule spacecraft aborted indefinitely due to technical issues

Boeing's Starliner capsule spacecraft aborted indefinitely due to technical issues

Capsule Starliner Of Boeing Will not fly this Wednesday As expected A test flight was halted yesterday after problems with its propulsion system International Space Station (ISS), the company announced without specifying an upcoming launch date.

The aerospace giant said in a statement that the valves in the engine Starliner It was in “unexpected” positions, that is He was forced to suspend the mission.

The NASA He added that the engineers had ruled out a number of reasons, including a software glitch, but that they needed more time to analyze the issue.

“We will allow data to guide our work,” the director said Boeing John Wolmer.

“Our team has worked diligently to ensure the safety and success of this mission. We will not fly until our vehicle is planned. Our teams are confident that it is ready to fly,” he added.

Delays and more delays

This is the last problem that delays the development of the capsule Boeing Made under contract with NASA To bring astronauts International Space Station After the end of the space shuttle program in 2011.

On the first drone in December 2019, the capsule Starliner It experienced software glitches that caused problems with the way its thrusters work.

As a resultThere was not enough fuel to reach International Space Station He must have returned to earth prematurely. Subsequent investigation revealed that it had experienced a dangerous flight crash when it re-entered the atmosphere.

Since then the planned launches have been postponed for a number of reasons, including these software issues. Last week, a Russian science module was replaced. International Space Station Unexpectedly turns on its thrusters when docking.

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Boeing You must successfully complete the drone before taking people into space.

SpaceX, Other large company appointed NASA To carry the astronauts, it progressed rapidly It has already carried out missions with three people.

With information from AFP

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