Bobby Sands died 40 years ago: “Our revenge will be the laughter of our children”

Bobby Sands died 40 years ago: "Our revenge will be the laughter of our children"

Published 04/05/2021

Forty years ago, on May 5, 1981, Margaret Thatcher’s British government allowed Bobby Sand to die; He was the first of ten powerful London hunger strikers to take responsibility for the hunger strike. Their demands were justified: to see Irish political prisoners restore their rights, the British government violated them in horrific “H blocks”. She paid for her life with the inhumanity of Margaret Thatcher and the British repressive system in Ireland. Forty years later, our anger against this crime and its perpetrators still lingers.

The struggle of Bobby Sand and his comrades still compels us today: it is human dignity, respect for their comrades in the struggle, the freedom and sovereignty of the Irish people. The PCF was strongly aligned with the just and legitimate needs and solidarity of the political prisoners in the struggle for the rights of the Irish people.

The 1998 peace treaties, known as the Good Friday Agreements, opened up new possibilities for the Irish people. Even today, the PCF faces the political destruction of the leadership of the Unionist parties and the government of Boris Johnson, and is committed to realizing the historic and sovereign rights of the Irish people to the unity of Ireland and the Irish. Republic, and all its inhabitants. Today, threats to fully implement the 1998 peace agreements and recent tensions in the six northern continents underscore the importance and necessity of this perspective.

The PCF supports the legitimate demands of Sinn Fin for an Irish Republic based on social justice for all. It was time for the unity of Ireland. The latest election results, in six northern counties and twenty-six southern counties, show that the timing of this requirement makes Sinofen a major political force on the island. It is possible and necessary to hold a referendum on the unity of Ireland within five years. It is the only way to create a new future for all Irish people.

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French Communist Party,
Paris, May 5, 2021

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