BMW M2 competition drag races E46 M3, E36 M3, all with manual gearboxes

BMW M2 competition drag races E46 M3, E36 M3, all with manual gearboxes

Researchers see the M2 as the purest BMW currently on offer. A smaller body and six-cylinder engines power the rear wheels, which is more like the original M3 than the M4, if that makes sense. We watched a million drag races to prove that there is also a walk to back up the speech, but this is a little different.

Along with today’s drag race, M2 competition and the E36 and E46 versions of the M3, Carvo lined up three cars. Everyone has a six-cylinder engine, but since the M2 is new and dual-turbocharged, it should be faster.

However, they are all mounted on manual gearboxes, which means that launching is not as easy as fiddling with certain buttons and rocketing to the horizon. Yes, the car can be fast, Are you

Before discussing the result, since these cars are a little more customizable and have European configurations, that may mean a big difference to older M3s. The red E36 M3 is a camera that has been mapped again with a new downpipe, resulting in approximately 300 PS (297 hp) of power output. Due to the Vanos system, a US spec car will only produce 240 hp (stock).

The E36 is the lightest car of all three, weighing in at 1,400 kilograms (3,086 lb). . Although the S54 is rated at 333 hp for the US and Canadian markets.

Competition is the second most powerful version of the M2, outpacing the engine it borrows from the M3. Dual turbocharging ensures that it produces 405 horsepower (410 PS). Easy success? Absolutely not.

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In all three drag races, the E46 M3 proceeds first, proving that these old beamers perform well as long as you ignore the robotized gearboxes. Gradually, the M2 begins to catch on and win. As for the rolling race, it is close to being a turbo spool.

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