Blue Moon to shine in Ireland on Halloween for the first time in decades

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Halloween will be even more exciting this year as a rare phenomenon.Blue moon‘Our skies will light up. According to astronomical Ireland, no full moon has appeared in Ireland since 1974.

In an event that has not been seen again for two decades, the magazine says the event cannot be accepted. 2039 is said to be the next opportunity to capture this rare opportunity.

The full moon tonight will be a rare one because it is the second full moon of the month. It is called “Blue moon”. They are very rare, as the saying goes, “once in a blue moon,” and only once every two or three years.

This rare sight will provide at least some entertainment on a Halloween when strategy or treatment is forbidden.

The astronomical community encourages everyone to watch a blue moon event before it reappears in 2039.

The founder of Astronomy Ireland urges people to see the blue moon

On the Astronomy Ireland website, editor David Moore lists some suggestions for moon gazers.

“When the full” blue “moon rises at sunset (5 pm), look at the sunset opposite the sky until dawn (approximately 7:30 am) on Sunday morning.”

He suggests that the rising moon could be seen larger because of a known optical illusion ‘Chandra Maya’.

“[It] It can deceive the eye / brain to think that the moon is 2 or 3 times bigger than it actually is! ”

The rare blue moon will be visible from 3pm today. Astronomy Ireland wants everyone in Ireland to go out and see it and send photos and comments for the next issue of the magazine.

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Even camera phones can take great photos of the moon these days, ”Said David. He also urges people to be patient with the clear sky. What the moon needs ”Pop out between clouds, you got it”.

Saturday is the date on which the distant planet Uranus will oppose the Sun. When the moon is facing the sun, a full moon, “So Uranus is close to the moon that night”, Mr. Moore said.

Uranus was 3.8 degrees higher than the Moon that evening but +5.7 degrees. [W]A full moon is so close that you can’t even see it with binoculars, certainly not with the naked eye. Still, it is gratifying to know that Uranus exists to celebrate such a triple wami! ” He said.

For more information about appearing tonight, check out See how many times some planets appear.

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