‘Bloomsday’ returns to Trieste celebrating James Joyce and Ulysses

'Bloomsday' returns to Trieste celebrating James Joyce and Ulysses

For more than a decade, mid-June “Blooms Day”, Its performance James celebrates Joyce with his cult work Ulysses, One of the most amazing and admirable masterpieces in modern literature, was written by an Irish writer during his long stay in the city (“My Second Birthplace”, as Joyce himself defined Trieste). Monday, June 14 to Wednesday, June 16 – In fact, Bloomsday is celebrated around the world by the name of the protagonist of the novel. Leopold BloomTrieste will be animated by meetings, shows, conferences, concerts, installations and theme art exhibitions.

All events related to Joyce’s anniversary – for this twelfth edition – were organized by the Department of Culture of the Triste Municipality and the Department of Humanities at the University of Trieste through the Joyce Museum – with the artistic direction of Ricardo Sepach and the scientific curatorial of Laura Pelassier and Laura Pelasi. They can find space in the new location of Sala Lutasi, Antico Cafe in San Marco and Sala Veruda, And will be broadcast live (Joyce Museum site, Facebook page, Municipality’s YouTube channel).

As Trieste once again seeks to win the UNESCO Creative City nomination for literature, the party honors its famous guest and the anti-hero he created. As with all previous editions, this year Trieste Bloomsday focuses not on the entire work, but on a section of it. This time it will not be a chapter of Ulysses, but two episodes together: First, Telemachus – Tower, Fourth, Calypso – Breakfast. The choice to celebrate them together was born in the economy of Canonical Day: on June 16, 1904, Joyce imagined that the first three chapters of the novel (called Telemachi) coincided with the first three chapters in the central section (which corresponds to the Odyssey).

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On Monday, June 14, Bloomsday 2021 opens with artist Andy Prisni’s solo exhibition (at 4.00 pm on Sala Veruda): in his obscure style, which he loves on social media, as well as the graphics and telegrams and telegrams and telegrams and calypso at his exhibition “Telecom Macoipso”. The exhibition will remain open until July 11 with public admission. Laura Pelaschiar will include a meeting (Salah Lutasi, 6.00pm) that goes to the same meaning of this edition, “Ulysses addresses the choice of the double chapter in half an hour. Telemachus and Calypso or the novel begins twice. “The first day of a wonderful double meeting ends: at 7.00 pm, presented by actress Sarah Alcetta and presented with signs of” Molly, the End. “At 8.00 pm, the grand finale:” Wooden Legs ” ”, Cannot be accepted at the Bloomsday venue.

On the second day, a screening (Tuesday, June 15, Salah Lutasi, 10.00) in the warm tribute to Alfredo Lacoseglias will be screened with the documentary “Cabaret Patafisico”, a documentary about the amazing works of Giacomo Zoys. The manifestation of this unforgettable artist. Presentation of John McCourt’s latest book, Ulysses by James Joyce. Reading Guide ”(Ed. Karachi 2021), a valuable volume for those who want to try their hand at the famous novel. On the same day, I read the fourth chapter of Ulysses in the Gastronomic Key, written by Martina Tomasi, in conversation with Analisa Metz, about the theatrical program “Martini”. The parallel lives of Stephen Daedalus and Mr. Bloom, signed by Amici de San Giovanni and Art & San. Finally (7.30pm) 117 years after Leopold Bloom’s adventure begins, the group reads “The Stolen Words” directed by Gigliola Bagatin, the original text by Matteo Verdiani, who discovers the cult of breakfast.

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The third and final day of the festival begins at 10.00 am in the Antico Cafe San Marco with the presentation of the book “Joyce’s Dream” (Triste, Museo Joyce), a collection of illustrations by the Greek artist Alexandros. Caravas, captain of the 2019 Joyce Exhibition. Following the opening of the 2021 “Joyce Wind” Exhibition by Mauritius Stagni. Venue at Salah Lutasi (4.30pm) for the new stage in “Dublin”. Public Art and Urban Regeneration ”, a neon art project created by the DMAV consortium in association with the Joyce Museum and the Cicero Association – received a major international recognition at this year’s Art Laguna Prize. The finale of the edition of the show “Saloto in … Provisato” by Petit Soil Company (6.00pm) will feature Pat Murphy’s “Nora” (2000, UK) at 7.30pm. Nora Barnacle enjoyed collaborating with the Underground Ground Chapel.

All events are generic. Access to Salah Lutasi is allowed until all available seats are exhausted. Reservations are required for appointments at Cafe San Marco (mail to: Libreriacafesmarco @ gmail or call 040 2035357). Complete the program: www.museojoycetrieste.it

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