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Blockbuster Gareth Bale returns to Tottenham, but everything is done

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The blockbuster deal that brings Gareth Bale back from Real Madrid depends on which source you read and who you choose to trust. Tottenham Hotspur Seven years after he left for Spain, it was either completely finished, or all done.

According to reports from Spain, Bale Medical has completed his training at the Real Madrid training center. The Daily Mail reports that everything is done. But other sources make it clear that the practice was criticized as shameful.

David Heitner, one of the most respected football writers in The Guardian, is in the latter camp. He calls Current Situation “Close” Negotiations are said to be “progressing well” with the focus on getting everything done by Thursday morning.

As the negotiations continue, the details of the deal are kept as a kind of hush-hush, but most are settled in the following: a one-year loan without players, not going the other way, and a loan subsidized by a significant percentage of Real Madrid Bale’s salary over a period of time. We do not know how much, but there are unconfirmed rumors that Spruce will pay only 250k / wk. Who knows, really? There may be at least some minor surprises when the deal is announced.

This may not be the update that people want to read, but it’s as positive as you can get without a “deal” confirmation. Everyone seems to be on the same page – Bale wants to return, his agent Jonathan Barnett wants to make a deal, Madrid wants him to go, Jose Mourinho wants to take him inside.

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I was still torn between head and heart as to whether this transfer was a one good idea, But it’s incredibly exciting. We’ll have to see what changes Bale’s 31 – year – old body, who has not played a ton of football in the last two seasons, can make a difference in this Tottenham Hotspur side. If his performances for Wales last week are any indication, playing inspired and happy Bale football is still a force to be reckoned with. With a little patience, I hope we see him wearing a white Tottenham shirt for the first time since 2013.

Who would have thought we’d see this again?

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