Blackberry – this model is an icon and today it is a real fortune

Old school that never changes. At the turn of the new millennium, the first stirrings of something great were in some ways unique, as BlackBerrys marked an era of rarefied e-mail. love at first sight.

He was born in January 1999 and suffered a lot. In the years that followed, the brand exploded, offering something all competitors couldn’t touch: emails, even on the go. Even those who do not have their own A Blackberry, He was known because fame preceded him. That physical QWERTY keyboard could hear its unique touch in every train car, every bus, subway and every airplane.

A Blackberry That Cost a Fortune (Web Source)

But BlackBerry’s success wasn’t just about being able to send an e-mail from anywhere in the world as long as there was a connection. There was BBM, BlackBerry’s instant messaging service. A much-loved smartphone that became fashionable not just for the tie-jacketed men of the time.

Brilliant thinking: Android-equipped 5G BlackBerry

The history of BlackBerry first became a legend, at least until 2016, the products of the Canadian company BlackBerry Ltd., formerly known as Research in Motion or RIM, was founded in early 2013 by electronic engineer Mike Lazaridis. With the withdrawal of TCL’s license, they no longer presented the infrastructure that allowed them to operate. In 2020, TCL’s license was immediately revoked by an unknown company called Onward Mobility. Last year, Onward Mobility teamed up with manufacturer FIH Mobile to revive that myth, bringing it to the present day with the BlackBerry 5G equipped with an Android operating system.

In the meantime, though, old school hasn’t gone out of fashion, as BlackBerry still sells without the help of a green robot. seeing is believing.

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BlackBerry - 20221108
Blackberry –

Blackberry’s first portable device, belonging to the category of two-way pagers, and including the 857, 900, 950, 957, and 962 with a screen resolution of 132 x 65 pixels, a thumb keyboard, and a wheel for scrolling, have become practically unavailable.

But on eBay, collectors compete to get them. Blackberry 6230, the blue one of course. It sells for over three hundred euros. A crazy picture if you think this will never work in this world of smartphones Melaphonini.

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