Black Hole Sound: Noises from black holes, NASA releases video of sound; You listen too


NASA releases black hole sound: From time to time, the US space agency NASA shares something related to the Earth, the universe, space, and the moon, which causes a great deal of excitement. In this episode, it’s amazing that NASA recently put a similar piece of information in front of people. This information is related to black holes. In fact, NASA recently released a sound saying that this sound was from a black hole and that it was recorded by a satellite.

Sounded like this

According to media reports, the sound, recorded from NASA’s satellite, could not be heard directly by humans. It can be converted into a sound wave that can be heard by humans. Since it was not possible for man to hear 57 octaves, new notes were added to these waves with the help of a new machine. It got a good sound after that. NASA captured the sound from the Chandra X – ray Observatory.

Misconception that there is no sound in space

NASA says there is still a misconception that there is no sound in space. The reason behind this was that the space was completely vacuum and that sound waves could only travel here when there was a medium that was not there. But the story of the Milky Way is different from all this. There is enough gas in a galaxy cluster that can hold thousands of galaxies. This is what helps the sound waves to move forward. The black hole that contains this sound is said to be 200 million light-years away from Earth and the center of the Perseus galaxy group, which is 11 million light-years across.

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