“Black 47” on S 3 Sat: Ireland during the famine of 1847

"Black 47" on S 3 Sat: Ireland during the famine of 1847

05.02.2021 – 09:01


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Freitag, 12. Februar 2021, 22.25 Uhr

A former soldier who returned to Ireland in 1847 teaches fear to the British rulers. Against the backdrop of the Irish famine of the mid-nineteenth century, director Lance Daly, James Frecheville, Hugo Weaving, Freddie Fox, Stephen Rhea, Jim Broadbent, and the upcoming star Barry Keogan. Shows 3 SAT feature film “Black 47” (Ireland / Luxembourg 2018) On 2021 February 12 Friday, 10:25 pm, when Dutch Free-TV-Premier. The movie can be viewed in 3 SAT Media Library for 30 days after airing.

When Martin Feeney (James Freecheville) returned home in 1847, nothing was left of his Irish homeland. The mother starved, and the brother hanged himself. He had fought for the British in Afghanistan for years, and now the representatives of the British Crown in his country see no death when people are starving. Potato rot destroys their livelihood, the whole country lies desolate, and English governors and soldiers plunder it. Those who can no longer afford rent will be evicted and their home made uninhabitable. His sister and children must leave the house in front of Phineas. His nephew was shot and killed on the spot, and shortly afterwards his sister and son-in-law were frozen. The ex-soldier grabs his rifle and launches retaliatory action against those responsible. To make him harmless, the British authorities dressed him as one of Fennie’s comrades from the time of Hannah (Hugo Weaving) and Pope (Freddie Fox), an army officer in Afghanistan. What they don’t know: Hannah has the greatest respect for Fanny, and they know that Fanny is on the right.

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“Black 47” refers to 1847, when Ireland experienced the culmination of an unimaginable famine of the time. Many Irish people can only be saved by fleeing to the USA. These times still affect the relationship between Ireland and England. In this context, director Lance Daly presents an Irish “Western” that presents a historical reality with original and powerful patterned patterns. His distinctive painting is supported by a large group of actors.

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