Demax Spirits may have been pulled from a sci-fi movie, but it should arrive in 2023 with a feature we have never seen in any other vehicle.

Photo: Demac

The electric vehicle revolution succeeds in removing from the car manufacturers all the creative features that were not possible before: A Ford electric van that can be the generator of your home in the event of a power outage, For an electric hammer that can move to the sides Like cancer on the beach and above Noise-making vehicle from Hans Zimmer’s home (Of course all the other Tesla Easter eggs). But one manufacturer seems to have decided to overcome all of them with one of the most vulnerable features we have ever seen, and its next vehicle can mine cryptocurrencies.

Pay for a vehicle with crypto and know the crypto while charging

The Canadian company Demac manufactures light electric vehicles such as bikes, scooters, ATVs and electric toy cars, and this week it opened pre-orders for the Spirits to look like a classic car in the future and like the Batman Tumbler. If you like it, you can buy it with notable cryptocurrencies like Dogcoin, Ethereum and of course Bitcoin. In doing so, they sought to gain headlines at the expense of Tesla It announced and returned a similar move. But that was not really the fun part of her announcement.

Photo: Demac

The option to buy a new vehicle using cryptocurrencies is just the tip of the iceberg in the Spirits connection to the field. Each such car will come with a cryptographic asset management system called “Demac Nebula”, which will not only allow you to manage your cryptographic wallet directly from the vehicle’s multimedia system, but once the car charging process has begun, it will simultaneously use my cryptocurrencies as a dedicated GPU. The car can be charged with a classic physical connection, wireless charging on a special surface, and solar charging, so you can theoretically own coins even if you park in blue and white in the heart of Tel Aviv in August.

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The company, which claims that Spirits will actually become an eco-friendly heart cryptographic mine, is now awaiting system approval for a patent. Keep in mind that there has been a lot of criticism in the blockchain worlds of NFT and cryptocurrencies, arguing that the amount of energy required to operate them is excessive (But there are also those who are trying to find creative solutions to this problem). Beyond Mining Capacity, Demec describes a vision that allows you to pay for cryptographic wallet boarding roads, gas stations, drive-thru and more embedded in vehicle systems.

Spirits will reach the first customers Let them command her It will cost about $ 20,000 in 2023.

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