Birthday message about user data

Birthday message about user data

This Wednesday (February 24) WhatsApp was his birthday It reminded users that in 2009 it was born as a messaging app that connects a few people. Today it is the most popular ‘application’ in the world in its category.

In addition to the Onam celebrations, WhatsApp also reminded in its birthday message that yes or no it will implement its new security policies It will share the data of its users with Facebook, despite the resistance of many.

In the first part of the message, Mark Zuckerberg’s application reminded us that there are 2 billion users sending 100 billion messages a day. Next, he mentioned privacy.

“We are committed to your privacy with end-to-end encryption. Forever Forever “, says the WhatsApp post on Twitter, and” 12 years of Happy WhatsApp! ” (See also: WhatsApp will integrate into Instagram; Fusion is already available to some users)

This is the post:

WhatsApp: Features You will limit if you do not agree to your new terms

Before you celebrate your twelfth birthday, WhatsApp clarified that those who disagree with its updates The policy will have to make some changes. However, “This will not delete any accounts. However, you will not have access to all the features until you have adopted them. “

“For a short time, you can receive calls and notifications, But you can not read or send messages from the application “, WhatsApp mentioned on its official official blog.

The application must be remembered The deadline for accepting new privacy terms has been extended to May 15, The date on which its users must approve the new policy and share their data with Facebook.

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