“Biohackers – Season 2”: Mia wakes up

"Biohackers - Season 2": Mia wakes up

When Mia (Luna Wedler) wakes up at a laboratory table in “Biohackers – Season 2”, she has no memory of how she got there. Anyway: three months since the first season’s showdown has disappeared from her mind. At the time, journalist Andreas Winter (Beno Forman) had trapped her and abducted her on a sprinter – Professor Dr. Lawrence (Jessica Schwarz). Mia Lawrence’s scientific collections collected evidence of conspiracy and crime and wanted to go public with it. Now she finds out: The kidnapping is thought to have never happened!

A Netflix-Series “Biohackers” are dark strategies surrounding synthetic biology. In the first season, Mia was able to find evidence. Decades ago, Lawrence illegally modified the genome of embryos. Mia was the only survivor in a row of hundreds of children, according to Dr. String Puller. Bring Lawrence under lock and key. In “Biohackers – Season 2” she not only fights against memory loss but also disbelieves in her alleged success: Dr. Lawrence was destroyed. Who is responsible for her memory loss, severe headache, and tattoo on her left inner arm?

“Biohackers” is not only a sprinting thriller, the series also shows the city of Freiburg, as the tourist office raised half of the entire filming budget. After all, the second season, which starts in January, has bad rainy weather and lots of pools between Munster and Bechel. During the first season of playing in the summer and fall, there was a perception that the main activity of all the students in Freiburg was to feast in some secret open space. But the weather or Mia’s condition doesn’t even allow this to happen.

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The series, whose presenter, writer and director Kristan Dieter (“How to Be”, “Golboss”) is in personal union, does not allow a quiet moment to arise. The last three months of Mia’s iPhone’s fast empty battery life will not be part of the operation if all the evidence is not included: Mia does not know his new PIN, but the iPhone erases all data as once, often entering the wrong order of numbers. Most of the plot is improbable when viewed under a magnifying glass, but at the speed of the narrative flow, everything is carried by the mind, which is what the series is all about: you have no time to adapt. jw

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