Billy the Kid: The Vikings on TV – a series produced by the creator of the news series

Billy the Kid: The Vikings on TV - a series produced by the creator of the news series

Premium Channel Epic has begun production of a historic miniseries on the famous illegal law written by Michael Hirst, the creator of the Tudors and the Vikings.

When the Vikings ended earlier this year after six seasons, British showrunner Michael Hirst was already working on new projects. First a Vikings spin-off for Netflix, Vikings Valhalla Co-authored with Jeb Stuart; A Ministries Plague Year on the Plague that plagued England for the History Channel in the seventeenth century; Finally a historical account of the life of Billy the Kid, the famous American robber.

William H. Battle of Lincoln County.

Billy the Kid has always been my hero when I was a kid. I grew up in the north of England but it made no difference to me. Billy was a very special outlaw“, He explains.”On the one hand, he was very young, and on the other hand, he was not a psychopath who loved to kill or a criminal who stole for material gain. He was a robber for most of his life, but never wanted to live. Born into a poor family of Irish immigrants, he always wanted to become a “new American.” But life never allowed him.

Intended for the premium channel Epic, which has given the green light to production accordingly Deadline, This first season of eight episodes will be produced in part by Auto Bathurst (Peeky Blinders, His Dark Materials).

This historian’s first serial representation appeared several times in 1989 in the TV film Billy the Kid, Chris Christopherson in Pat Garrett, Billy the Kid in Sam Peckinpa or Dane Deehan in Vincent D. Onofrio’s 2019 movie The Kid.

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