Bill Gates reminds Bezos and Musk that “there is work to be done on earth.”

Bill Gates. Photo CBC

The excitement of space travel has overwhelmed American billionaires in recent years. The latest is SpaceX’s the longest, with tourists spending three days in space, the first orbiting mission in history without a professional astronaut.

Icons “The joy of this new rich manRichard Branson Whose Virgin Galactic (First billionaire to go into space), Jeff Bezos, FounderAmazon And Origin of blue (Thanks for flying the company into space) Of course Elon Musk With his company SpaceX. But another billionaire does not see this new illusion as appealing to the richest. During an interview, Bill Gates, Founder Microsoft He manages his fellow billionaires with eyes for space.

“Location? We have a lot to do on earth.”

I do not know – I’m fascinated by things like malaria and HIV, I’m getting rid of these diseases, maybe I’m annoying people with disease cocktails … space? We have a lot of things to do here on earth. “Leaving the billionaire who has been investing in health for a few years has led to a lot of criticism for his approach and his real motivation, according to opponents. Millionaire speaks during show ” Late show with James Cordon “Space travel costs billions of dollars.

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