Bilingual Education In The UK: Current State And Prospects For The Future

In a multicultural country such as the UK, bilingual schools continue to grow, and for a good reason. In a nation where there are people from across countries all over the world, it is great to make provisions for their learning and education. There are several bilingual schools in the UK, and they exist to provide kids with continued learning of their mother’s tongue and a comprehensive grasp of the English language.

So many academic institutions have set great standards in this regard, and so many more are joining the band. You can now find French bilingual schools in London, Polish Saturday schools in Great Britain, the Anglo-Portuguese School of London, and a host of others. Here are some of the benefits we hope to achieve with this progressive educational move:

Active Learning

Students from other countries may find it hard to express themselves in English, which might set a drawback to their learning abilities. However, with the introduction of bilingual education in the UK, these kids are now given a chance to learn in their mother’s tongue while also being schooled in comprehensive English language. This would vastly increase their learning capabilities.

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Continued Values

There are so many cases where, after spending many years in the UK, immigrant kids forget their home countries, to the extent of not speaking their languages anymore. With the introduction of this new learning mode, it is ensured that kids continue to learn about the values, traditions, and culture of their home country and English.

Closing The Gap

With this, kids who speak English as their native language would no longer have an advantage over kids who don’t because everyone would be taught in a language they understand. This would put every child in the class forward without the construction of language.

Drawbacks of Bilingual Education

May Increase Stress Level

School is stressful enough, without the need to learn two languages all at once. This combination, along with every other course and assignment, can put kids at risk of mental stress.

Lack Of Qualified Teachers 

Finding qualified teachers to take the kids through their language education successfully can be a major drawback to this mode of teaching. It is hard to find teachers who are required to be skilled in both the subject they teach and the language in which it is taught.

It Can Be Very Costly

This form of education is highly costly for the parents of the kids who attend the schools and the municipality in which the school is located. Firstly, there have to be small class sizes because of the language differences, and each class size requires at least one teacher. The more teachers needed, the more resources are spent.

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Some Examples Of Bilingual Schools In The UK

Ecole Jeannine Manuel

This is a coeducational, bilingual international French school located in the heart of London. It provides primary education for kids above the age of 2 up to 18. The school’s mission is to promote understanding through the bilingual education of a diversified cultural group of students. With over 550 pupils from 40 different nationalities, it shows how culturally inclusive this institution is.

Deutsche Schule London

This is a German and English bilingual school located in London. It provides primary education to kids from kindergarten to Abitur/IB. In this establishment, comprehensive education is provided in German and English language; while being tailored to target the specific needs of every child.

AZBUKA Russian-English School

This organization has been pioneering Russian-English education since 2000. The school was created to meet the educational, academic, and cultural needs of Russian children living in the UK. It provides a way for them to grow in their environment while holding a part of their Russian culture-rich heritage.

In 2015, AZBUKA fulfilled its dream of launching the UK’s first primary school with a full-time Russian-English bilingual program, where every lesson is taken in Russian and translated to English or vice-versa.


If you live in the UK and its environs, you would be spoiled for choosing where to send your kid. There are so many top-quality schools with amazing learning experiences that you want your child to be a part of. Remember to review your many choices and choose one that is most suitable for you and your child, even till they reach the college level.

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