Bilig ‘quiet’ as baggie futures ulation franchise

Bilig 'quiet' as baggie futures ulation franchise

Slaven Bilick has admitted that his future is not in his hands as rumors continue to circulate that West Brom could be sent off even after taking a point from Manchester City at Etihad Stadium.

The 1-1 draw seemed to offer a lifeline to Bilick, who was under pressure in his 100th Premier League game as manager, but post-match reports suggest the West Brom series could make a move on Wednesday as well.

“I’m very calm. I love my job. I’m here, I’m calm,” Bilick said. “Strictly speaking, I’m not worried. I do my job. I enjoy it. I work hard for myself, my staff, my players, my club.

“Everything else is out of my control. But to be fair, I do my best. I don’t think about other things.

“I’m not really worried about what’s behind the scenes. I do not care at all.”

Asked if the result shows that West Brom are still playing for themselves, Bilick said: “I do not like that click. The players play themselves, but they pay attention to our game plan. It’s great to see your players fighting like this.

“We have this kind of atmosphere throughout the season, we have this working atmosphere, it doesn’t diminish.

“Sometimes you win games, sometimes you lose them, sometimes you’re good and sometimes bad, but we never had a problem with attitudes.”

13 straight league defeats for West Brom against City ended the result, but Sam Johnstone’s two big saves were eliminated to avoid Ilke Gundogan and Raheem Sterling.

Gundogan put the hosts ahead 30 minutes into the first half when West Brom defended well, with their own goal from Ruben Diaz equalizing the scores before the break.

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“I asked people to believe me,” Bilick said. “I told them to enjoy it and play with a smile on their face, but it’s starting with hard work. It’s not a bonus game, because every game is an opportunity. I told them last year to consider it a privilege.

Commenting on its use as a platform to build the game, Bilick said: “This is more than a point. We need to use it to know what we need to do in every game.”

It remains to be seen whether he will get that chance in Saturday’s game against Aston Villa.

Saturday was another disappointing night for City after their flat performance in a goalless Manchester derby.

Guardiola’s team is on 20 points, having scored just 18 goals in 12 league games this season, and the Catalan’s charge time is far from a free-flowing performance.

“That is the reality,” Guardiola said of his party’s struggles.

“We were able to control things, didn’t agree more, their goal was a distraction – we were the best in all departments, but struggled to score.

“We control the games, but we can not do that. You have to shoot a ball into the net.

“We can’t score goals. It’s hard for managers to find a solution.”

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