Big home, big comeback in boxing against Katie Taylor?

Big home, big comeback in boxing against Katie Taylor?

MMA – Former champion approaches strongly for duel. So Holy Home can face Katie Taylor in Ireland.

Katie Taylor is a boxer with a remarkable track record. So, she has a lot of world belts. The Irish woman is currently the world champion in light weight at the WBA, IBF, WBO and WBC. She also holds the WBO title in the welterweight division. Amanda recently talked about the champion following the high level of opposition against Serranoy. The duel kept all its promises, and the two women surrendered to each other. In the end, in front of a mad Madison Square Garden, Katie Taylor wins by a split decision. Inevitably, there is talk now of a revenge between Taylor and Serrano. Only here, this reverse encounter is more complicated to organize than planned. This is where Holy Home comes in, and they can meet Katie Taylor at her home in Ireland.

If the face-to-face changes officially, Holy Home will return to her first love. Of course, before UFC, the former champion thrived on boxing. He was named Boxer of the Year and Home World Champion in 2005 and 2006 by Ring Magazine. His record, WBA, WBC, IFBA and WIBA Welterweight titles. As well as the IFBA belt on the super welterweight side. Holy Home has already mentioned his desire to return to the ring several times. Through a battle with Katie Taylor, she was able to do it most beautifully.

The Irish media broke the news on Twitter.Free sports“. They publish the following article:

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On the same subject:

“Holy Home is the new favorite to face Katie Taylor in her homecoming duel at Croke Park this fall. ⁇

No small matter, it will convince the UFC. Of course, the athlete is still under contract with the organization and cannot perform anywhere else without their approval. Moreover, as we know, Dana White has always been particularly reluctant to allow such events. Connor McGregor has been the exception, but not the biggest UFC superstar he has ever wanted.

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