Biden, Communists, DDL San: Revealing Pope’s Week

Biden, Communists, DDL San: Revealing Pope's Week

It’s a busy week Pope Francisco After the siege caused by the epidemic and its controls, the Catholic Church returned to drawing the prospects of tomorrow. To sum up these last seven days in the Holy Palace of the Vatican, a number of news and events need to be taken into account: among these, the meeting with United States President Joe Biden, and the private audience reserved for young people. And the sinking of the San Bill, which, indirectly, worries Catholic doctrinal circles, as well as the Communist Reconstruction (an appointment passed a little quietly, but worth staying in). Let’s go in order.

Photos of the summit between Jorge Mario Bergoglio and a top official in the USA are circulating online: those shots are hard to look at quickly, not to see a difference between a smile and an attitude. Meeting with Donald Trump .. Bergoglio looked more calm and effortless. Joe Biden He is a dem, and, in addition to performing convincing abortions, he has been the focus of electoral controversy because of his stance on bioethics. But all this seems to be of relative interest to Francis. The same statements made by the President of the United States after the summit seem to alleviate the problem inherent in some compatibility, if ever there was a problem with the Pope.

Because Biden was an abortionist, during the election campaign, conservative cardinals led by American Raymond Leo Burke questioned the legitimacy of the sacrament of Divine Mercy. In the case of advice, in addition, there are some doubts. Bishops in the United States have also analyzed the case by setting up a real ad hoc commission. So much so that, in recent months, there have been discussions about the “Bide Commission”. But at this week’s hearing, Bergoglio closed his edition. One that gives Biden the ability to continue to accept fellowship with complete freedom and full conscience. Another opening to the dem hemisphere of American bipolarism, which is hard to call news. And as I said, there is an audience with the youth of the Communist Reconstruction.

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As written Democracy, The Argentine Pontif would ask Young Communists To move forward on their path. This, too, is surprising, but only up to a certain point. This is – as we have been able to explain on many occasions – the pope of the popular movements with environmentalism that welcomes immigrants. For everyone To act as a link to the protection of the planet’s economic and existential fringes. Bergoglio, as a Jesuit, is a person capable of overcoming ideological and doctrinal barriers and, above all, focuses on the elements of harmony between realities that appear very different from each other.

However, the week we leave is also the day of the shipwreck DDL San, This follows the publication of a comprehensive note by the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith. A document published by Giornell in an article signed by Felice Monti. The Vatican, which has never taken a stand against the law that discriminates against those who discriminate against hate crimes, was, above all, concerned about the lack of freedom of expression and the part of the system that would be introduced. By ideologies. We will talk about it again and again with good reason based on the legal basis that Enrico Leta was willing to accept without dialogue at any cost. In this sense, a victory for the Holy See could be predicted, which could lead to the actions of some Catholic parliamentarians who have not yet entered the parliamentary level but do not seem to be moving forward with the venerable San text.

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