“Bibi Xiao!” Anti-Netanyahu celebrates ‘victory’ in Jerusalem

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Sings “Bibi byeTo the popular tune of the Italian revolutionary song Bella Xiao, about two thousand Israelis celebrated in Jerusalem on Saturday evening.SuccessGoing ttg The day before the expected administration of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Netanyahu’s father was nicknamed 20 meters from Prime Minister Ofir Robinski’s residence.Bibi, His happiness cannot be hidden.

«This is a big night for us and tomorrow will be a bigger day. I almost cry. For this we fought peacefully, and that day is comingHe says, the Israeli flag, blue and white, in hand.

«Netanyahu only tried to divide one section of society against another, but tomorrow we will unite, right, left, Jews, Arabs“Mr. Robinsky adds, with the exception of Naphtali Bennett, who was a last – minute opponent of the future prime minister.”The right choice was made“By Joining the Alliance”Change.

For more than a year, Israelis have been protesting outside the prime minister’s official residence on Balfour Street in central Jerusalem, demanding that Benjamin Netanyahu leave.

This Saturday’s rally may be the last, because parliament must convene on Sunday for a credible vote to ratify the alliance plan.ChangeBring together the parties of the left, center, right and Arab formation.

Under the terms of the alliance agreement, Bennett will succeed Benjamin Netanyahu for two years.

«This is our last Saturday in Balfour Square. We won. Tomorrow, the Knesset (Parliament) will vote and this Prime Minister will go. I’m not under pressure! This is good, it’s over, he’s leaving», Says 62-year-old protester Gali Israel Tal.

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Stride Vuselus, drumming, T-shirt signed in Hebrew “Bibi Lekh»(Netanyahu deletes”), About two thousand protesters, including former army chief Moshe Yalon.

But other regulars of the anti-Netanyahu movement say they fear the PM has been described by some.Political magician», Pulls the rabbit out of the hat to stay in power at the last minute.

«We are going to end a dark age for Israel“Notes Ram Shamir, Year of Protest Against Benjamin Netanyahu, a Protestant”of courseContributed to the end of his reign. To add: “We sleep with our shoes on and our eyes open (…).

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