Bibi and Vicky are made of sand

Bibi and Vicky are made of sand

Wherever possible with local construction materials will attract visitors. Vicky, Elsa, Bibi Blockzberg & Co., contains 150 tons of special sand from Schlotmann’s Delbrook-Bok gravel. With the support of the Bad Lipspringer transport company August Bee, the material finally made it to the Garden Show.

“For our sand sculptures we need a relatively young sand, which has a high proportion of combi: Requirements, revealing because of the high Jeroenwine van de Vlog The sand artists have personally chosen their sculptures and building material. It consists of angular grains, usually of the same shape as the oblong sand Not compatible. “

With the help of shuttering boards, water and a vibration tamper, those responsible collected material from the Delbrook-Bok and formed six large mountains of 20 tons each of sand. Then, artists Jeroen van de Vlog, Anik Kuisenga, Michela Siapini, and Niall Maggie created meter-tall sculptures with little Night Trenk, Princess Pearl and Sog, Vicky, Bibi Blockzberg, Hansel, Gretel, and Nils Holgersen. About a week of work and a lot of passion went into these sculptures. Four small mountain ranges in the large spa Promenade, on the other hand, are waiting for sand artists to perform. The Speed ​​Engraving Competition will begin at 9 a.m. Saturday, June 12. “Garden show visitors can watch all day and have conversations with sand artists,” promises garden show manager Rehana Rahman. The wiki is extra fun, running from 1pm to 7pm and catching the eyes of children.

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Admission to SandWorld is free for annual ticket holders. All others pay 9.50 euros for adults and one euro for children up to 17 years old. There are also family tickets for 10 and 15 euros. All admission tickets are available on the site and through the new online shop at More information is available at www.gartenschau-badlippspringe.

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