Beware of Tasmat.. It is dangerous if you don’t delete the data on the old phone

Beware of Tasmat.. It is dangerous if you don't delete the data on the old phone

Anything Smartphone If you buy it, you will use it for two or three years. Then you will buy another new phone.

But most of them the old Forgetting to delete personal information on phones can be very dangerous.

You are M the old If the phone is to be resold or given to a loved one, first M personal data Make sure everything is completely deleted.If you are using an Android phone data It can be removed.

    If you don't delete the data on your old phone, it's dangerous!  Old Phone Data, Be Careful, Alert, Google, Data, Technology Updates, Technology News, Tips-Beware Tasmat.. If you don't remove data from your old phone, it's dangerous-General-Telugu-Telugu Tollywood Photo

The Android you are using Edition, Gadget Note that the exact steps vary by manufacturer. Settings are slightly different on Android phones. Manufacturer’s skins may change names of settings or exact menus. However, the general instructions are the same for all devices.

You are Your contacts and photos The key is not to lose it. The good thing about Android phones is that you need a Google account to set up the phone.

that’s all Automatically backup your gadget To make sure this is correct, do the following.

M On the phone, open Settings. Then go to backup and reset.

Back up my data You will see the setting. Then, tap Back.

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And then to accounts Scroll down. Tap on Google. You were setting up the phone M You will see Google Account with a green sync symbol next to it. Tap on Account. Make sure all options are ticked. This one M To sync everything from calendar to contacts M Using a Google Account

Emailing the photos you take Automatically backup to Google+ will have done

M If the phone does not support, as described above Media via USB You need to use a PC to back up the phone using a USB cable M Connecting to a PC Way M Any other media files can be backed up to the computer.

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files M Above to copy to computer In the SD card section Follow the steps in the first part


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