Between Olympic glory and sporting humiliation

Between Olympic glory and sporting humiliation

Sports No sports. » This is the most famous formula of Winston Churchill, the model of Boris Johnson (which historians would never validate). However, in England, the country that created the bulk of modern sports – football, rugby, tennis, badminton and rowing – are all sports.

U Rugby World Cup 2019. English New Zealand beat Citadel

Famous “Fighting strength” Boxing is an important value from the world. It is taught at universities where administrative, economic and political leaders in the United Kingdom were trained during the 2012 London Olympics.

Queen parachuted with James Bond

The party started with the biggest sports marketing activity of the last decade. At the opening ceremony, Her Majesty took part in a parachuting game at Elizabeth II Stadium, in the company of James Bond, another British hero named Muscular.

Two weeks later, England extinguished the flame at number three on the medal table, and the incredible result gave its demographic weight. On Crazy Saturday, Olympic Day, British hearts won three gold medals, including heptathlete Jessica Enis.

“We not only delivered, we shone”, Prior to the closing ceremony, Prime Minister David Cameron was surprised. His Labor predecessor, Tony Blair, was delighted to receive the award for Best Architect for Harm in Paris at the 2005 London Games: “The lesson is that desire always pays off. “

It was on this occasion that the slogan was launched Factor Feel the good factor (Welfare factor), a few weeks after two symbolic events, a kind of patriotic state from the United Kingdom: the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, the first victory of an Englishman on the Tour de France, and Sir (his knight) Bradley Wiggins. A rocker with a side burn on the stage of the Champs-Elysees. Respect and provocation!

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The Olympic flame was lit in the fall of the 2014 World Cup

The brilliant ring festival in terms of film is a little less financially because the bill is too heavy for the country’s finances. First for cycling: Chris Froome defeated Bradley Wiggins at the Tour de France next year, of course British, but grew up in Kenya and trained in cycling in Switzerland

In 2012. French high-profile sporting dreams to copy England

The Olympic flame has evaporated on the football field, which is essential in the eyes of supporters and voters. During the Brexit referendum, two of the legendary clubs, Liverpool or Manchester United, voted “no” two years after insulting the national team during the 2014 Brazil World Cup.

England finished last in their group (behind Costa Rica!). Note the inconsistency that may seem symbolic to some: England (1966) was the only European nation to win the European Championship.

2015 Rugby World Cup in England

The difficult landing on the football field turned out to be dramatic in rugby. In 2015, the United Kingdom hosted the World Cup of a game she discovered in the middle of the XIXe Century inside Rugby University, 200 kilometers north of London.

For the first time in World Cup history, the host nation has not reached the first round. Even more humiliating, little Scotland shed light on that year’s heroic quarter-final, where it almost knocked Australia out.

Indeed, XV de la Rose won the Vice World Championship in Japan last year. Finally, like sports, history is full of false comebacks.

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One, two, three… one country, three sports countries

Rose, bush, leek. Do not confuse these three plants if you want to survive in the stadiums of the three countries of the United Kingdom (England, Scotland and Wales).

Best Irish-English. George Best (1946-2005), nicknamed the “Fifth Beatles” and considered one of the greatest English players in history, would have had some positioning problems with Brexit. This symbol of the power of English football was the Northern Irish.

A song for all Ireland. Ulster and Ire are different footballers, but the Rugby Federation rejected the division of the two Irelandes in 1922 and the annexation of the Northeast to England. So the sixteenth players of Ireland come from all over the island, and they sing a common song.


“Brexit threatens the dignity of English clubs”

Arsene Wenger (former Arsenal Football Club’s French coach and FIFA World Football Development Director)

“When I arrived at Arsenal, the English did not know who I was. “Who is Arsenal?” Coming back. I got you. English invented football, French invented wine, we do not ask an Englishman to come to Bordeaux ”, Arsene Wenger has been the manager of London club Arsenal for 22 years My life in red and white, His recently published memoirs (JC Lettuce). The word Brexit is never mentioned in the book. The current director of the International Federation of Football Associations, which is concerned about issues beyond football, has leaked suspicious comments in the media about the application of Brexit to football. European players will be considered foreign players (So ​​their number will be limited, Editor’s note). If these rules apply, they will destroy the dominance of the Premier League. “ He warns.

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Brexit: Between Olympic glory and sporting humiliation

Wembley, Temple … European sport

Ironically, London British sports house Wembley will host the final of the most European football Euro in history on July 11, 2021! The 60th anniversary of the tournament (planned for 2020 and moved to 2021) was expected to shake the legacy of UEFA President Michael Platini until 2016, the regulatory body of European football. Instead of hosting the championship in a single country, the tournament will be hosted in 12 cities in 12 different countries. With an apotheosis in London.

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