Best for movies and series

Best for movies and series

Life is too short for dirty entertainment. Philip Schulz is the Editor-in-Chief of Germany’s largest film magazine, “Cinema”, “TV Spilfilm” and twice the annual “Serian Magazine”: the best films and series curated by an absolute expert. We talked to him about book adaptations, Christmas movies, and the recommended series:

Best Movie of All Time:

It is almost impossible to answer. Jim Sheridan’s family drama about an Irish family living illegally in the United States tops my list, and still gives me gooseberries.

A film tip that is not mainstream and always goes well:

JK Simmons and Miles Teller are definitely “Whiplash”. A music teacher encourages his students to perform at their best. A great movie even for those who don’t like jazz. Everyone who has recommended the movie so far is thrilled.

Best Movie for a Date:

Horror movies are the best date movies. Everything related to horror and waiting for the next jump scare. For example, “We” with Oscar winner Lupita Nyongoy.

Best Sports Film:

“The Wrestler”, written by Mickey Rourke in the lead role, is an amazing film that illuminates the dark side of the business. The racing movie “Rush” with Daniel Brill as Nikki Loda is under the radar for many.

Best Christmas Movie:

“Die Hard”. After all, play at Christmas!

Best Comedy:

My guilt includes Jim Carrey’s films “Ace Ventura” and “Orma and Dumber”.

Best German Movie:

To me this is a terrible comedy called “Tony Erdman” and it is absurdly ridiculous. There was even an Oscar nomination!

Best Movie for Movie Nights With Friends:

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90s Rurpot classic “Bang Boom Bang” with Oliver Koritke. The film manages to entertain as well as inform.

A typical women’s film that men love:

“Four Weddings and a Funeral” with Hugh Grant and Andy McDowell. In fact, this is one of my favorite movies. Whenever “Pretty Woman” works, I get caught up in it.

What is the best type to see in the original?

A lot of humor is lost in translation due to comedies. Other sections work well when synchronizing. The German dubbing work is incredibly good and it does not affect the quality of the film. You don’t say dubbing actor, but dubbing actor, because they really work in their voice, and they know what subtleties make a difference.

When it comes to film adaptations: read a book first or watch a movie first?

In the best case scenario, both are valuable because the same world was created. A good film adaptation is a balanced operation: it should stay away from the original, but retain the essence. Currently working best with the movie “Secret Garden”, not with the Disney + “Artemis Fowl”. Here you like to go to the book.

A series to watch:

“Breaking is bad”, of course. It maintains quality from the first to the last episode, and does not end like “Game of Thrones”. Like an inner tip – “Deadwood” – a great Western series that not many people know about. It perfectly reflects the busy atmosphere of gold and the harshness of the western city.

Number of episodes to be given to a series before splitting:

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Three to four. This is usually enough to tell if the story is going well.

Best Weekend Series:

Action thriller series “24” with Kiefer Sutherland. Especially the first season can look good all at once.

The best we can expect cinematically in 2021:

“The Batman” with Robert Pattinson. A great, but unrecognized actor who is still on most people’s minds as a vampire from “Twilight”. If you do not believe it: look at the “lighthouse”. He was terrible there.

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