Best first for the 2 member states of the UN Security Council

Best first for the 2 member states of the UN Security Council

This is the first time for Mozambique and Switzerland that it has not yet been on the council. These five countries will be replaced by members from outside India, Ireland, Kenya, Mexico and Norway. They will be joined by five others Non-permanent members (Albania, Brazil, Gabon, Ghana, United Arab Emirates), and those in power for more than one year Five constants with veto rights – United Kingdom, China, France, Russia, United States.

The five seats available for election were: one seat for the African group (currently held by Kenya); One seat for a group of small islands in developing countries in Asia and the Pacific (Asia-Pacific Group, currently held by India); A seat in the Group of Latin America and the Caribbean (currently held by Mexico); Two seats for the group of Western Europe and other countries (currently Ireland and Norway).

Five constants

Elections to the Council, like elections to other major organs of the United Nations, require a formal vote. Candidate countries must have two-thirds of the votes of the member states present and voting at the session of the General Assembly, even if their regional group supports or opposes them. So if all 193 UN member states are to vote in favor, a minimum of 129 confirmation votes is required.

The Security Council is made up of five permanent members (China, France, the Russian Federation, the United Kingdom and the United States) and ten non-permanent members elected by the General Assembly for two years.

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