Best destinations to go on July weekends

Best destinations to go on July weekends

That’s it, it’s finally summer vacation time, and your travel desires are more stressful than ever! The only thing is that you only have one long weekend off. Do not panic, because there are so many places nearby to change the landscape in a few days! If you dream of the heat, city travel or cultural travel, these ideas for destinations where to go on a July weekend will want to pack you up.


Iceland enjoys a very special climate, and it is not uncommon to experience all four seasons on the same day. But if you dream of discovering the lunar landscapes of this Nordic island, July is especially enjoyable with more temperatures and more sunshine than any other time of the year! In the middle of the northern summer, there is the advantage of prolonging the days, outside the animals, especially the popular Atlantic puffins. For many, July is the month Best time to visit Iceland. At this time, most roads are open, making it easier for pedestrians to cross. Summer is also favorableWhale observation Outside the island.

Dublin, Ireland

Flights to Ireland average only 1.5 hours, while Ireland a The perfect weekend getaway for a few days. At the site, you can choose between focusing your weekend on a city trip to Dublin or exploring the natural treasures around the city. The Irish capital is full of nice little places and monuments to visit: Trinity College, of course, the Guinness factory for beer lovers and the famous St. Patrick’s Cathedral. But the city’s surroundings also need a detour. In three or four days, you will have time to visit the picturesque fishing harbor of Houth, take a hike in Glendale or visit Kilbegan, one of the oldest distilleries in the country.

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At this time we live in the islands is a typical Mediterranean island: Crete. After flying for just over 3 hours, you will arrive at one The most beautiful islands in Greece. In July, the temperature is moderately warm, with an average of 25 degrees Celsius. Within a few days on the site, you will have time to visit some of the must-see places in the area: Samaria Gorge, Old Town of Chania, Lake Curnas, Diction Cave … Laziness, nature hikes, cultural visits, Healing is complete! Of course, July is the tourist season in Crete so you will not be alone, but it is enough to find small angles that are always intact here.


Bergen, Norway

Located in the southwestern part of Norway, the city of Bergen is the gateway to some of Norway’s most beautiful flyjords … The average Paris-Bergen flight is only 2h15. Best weekend destinations for nature lovers. Three or four days at the site will allow you to not only immerse yourself in the colorful and warm atmosphere of Bergen, but also to go hiking and boating. fjords. We especially advise you to be part of the route In short, Norway By which wind Some unavoidable stops in the program, such as fjords, valleys, Noerøyfjord, Sognefjorden or Aurlandsfjorden in the west of the country. In July, the days still have the advantage of being too long.

Sadar, Croatia

Flights from Paris to Sadar start at 80 euros, making it difficult to find a trip Foreign destination And more Financial Closer than Croatia! That’s good, because the average temperature in July is 26 C and the ubiquitous sun allows you to make the most of Croatian wonders. Of course you will have the opportunity to visit Sadar, its historic center, the cathedral, the famous marine organ and the common markets. But most of all, you can take part in a 120 km long excursion Plitvice Lakes. The most visited natural place in Croatia is an earthly paradise for hikers and nature lovers, who will find a continuum of turquoise lakes located in rich nature.

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Plitvice - Croatia

Hurghada, Egypt

It takes an average of 5 hours to travel from Paris to Hurghada, Egypt. But if you have a four or five day weekend in July, the game is worth the effort! Situated on the shores of the Red Sea, the resort city of Hurghada attracts divers from all over the world. You will have the opportunity to find out from them by scuba diving or snorkeling The most beautiful coral reefs on our planet. At the same time, the city is surrounded by beautiful sandy beaches, and 4 × 4, surrounded by a dry desert for quad or horseback riding. In terms of activities, you will likely rejoice Swim with dolphinsTo explore or even study the depths of the water in a submarine Kitesurfing or parasailing.

Porto, Portugal

Find a flight to Porto, one weekend, find one of them The most beautiful cities in Portugal. The average temperature in Porto is 26 C in July. So you can increase the number of hikes on the beach, outdoor visits and relaxing moments. Porto has the advantage of being located close to France and offers visitors a unique change of scenery Attractive old town And its colorful faces. Depending on the length of your stay, visit the port vaults, take a two-wheeler ride through the Doro Valley, visit the iconic monuments of the historic district, and enjoy the local cuisine based on local produce, the sea is perfectly clean.

Clerigos Church Tower and Ribeira Old Town Skyline (Porto, Portugal)

Does this selection of summer weekend destinations inspire you? Tell us which one you chose for your next trip in July!

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