Besides leaving Jornal Nacional unscathed, Bolsonaro stabs Globo untouched – 08/23/2022

Besides leaving Jornal Nacional unscathed, Bolsonaro stabs Globo untouched - 08/23/2022

Bolsonaro won Interview with Jonal National Made two. He emerged unscathed from the encounter with William Bonner and Renata Vasconcelos. He dealt an unprecedented blow to boxing. He beat Grupo Globo untouched. In rehearsed gestures, the captain opened his arms in front of the cameras. He held a stick in his left hand. It contained the names of three countries: Nicaragua, Argentina, and Colombia, and the names of one person: Dario Messer, “the money changer of money changers.”

Bolsonaro needs no glue to remember the three countries involved in the “red wave” sweeping the continent. They were interpreted only to make the paste more eye-catching. The interviewer wanted to highlight Messer, as if inviting the viewer to pass on his name Google. Arranged the matter with the son Carlos BolsonaroManager of the gear that industrializes Bolsonerist hatred.

Lava Jatoil Tablets, Dario Messer made a bargain in 2020. He said he transferred dollars in cash to the Marinho family in the 1990s. By citing him, Bolsonaro would provoke a backlash of formal denials. The scandal, which was shown in secret, won social networks without reaction.

Except for the slap below the waist, Bolsonaro passed 40 minutes of the interview. Jabs Bonner and Renata with normal dodges: Lies, half-truths and manipulations. Calling for a commitment to accept the results of the election, he said he would respect the election if it was “clean”. That is: Only one’s own success will be tolerated. Denied the chargesEven Supreme Court officials One was called “Danger” and the other “Girl”.fiction Absolutely Blamed the environment and the economy, classified the subversion of its devotees as “freedom of invention”, persecuted vaccines and defended chloroquine.

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Pushed to review his absurd statements about the pandemic, Bolsonaro preferred to continue to ignore more than 680,000 autopsies rather than engage in self-criticism. Renata also punished Simulation of a covid patient who is gasping for air, the captain was on the verge of losing his cool. He stopped the momentum.

All in all, Bolsonaro lied and deflected with respect and composure. In other words, he sounded on the Journal Nationale bench like he was completely out of his mind. He brags that he went to the interview with no training! I didn’t say anything that could sway poor voters or ex-Bolsonistas Not decided. He did not steal Lula’s votes throughout the interview. But it is certain, Although there are vessels, no votes were lost in the interview. That’s a huge achievement for an undecided president.

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